• Yes Arab guys are hotter

    Because they ooze masculinity and are oh so sexy ;). Their accent is a turn on. Also I like the hair in the chest type of guy. They are hotter in every way. What do ladies think of Arab guys when posed against white men? Your opinions are welcome. Thank you.

  • Yup, arab are hotter

    -i noticed they age much better than other
    - nice muscle mass naturally, beef in the right places.
    -they have defenitly thicker quads
    - their sweat smells nice comparing to others who may stink
    -dark hair and very masculine
    - sexy feet, suckable toes ;))
    - big meaty pecs and thick red lips

  • Arab Guys are much hot blooded

    Most (not all) arab guys, can be rebellious with their friend, gentlemen with ladies, respectful of their elders and smart, and just fun to be around! They are much hotter and just so sexy and dangerous ;)
    They are less likely to be tricked, but they trick others easily (for fun)

  • What a naive question

    Neither one is superior to the other. Every individual varies drastically in personality and appearance, there is no firmly set dominance in racial appearance. However, in terms of media (I need to choose a side), caucasians are naturally more popular across the world, so I'll have to back them up for this one.

  • Why would they be?

    What is so hot about them vs white guys? I am not a big fan of accents as it makes communication difficult... I don't want that. Physically Arab guys won't have as much diversity in hair, eye or skin colour. There wont be noticeable freckles or anything that makes them more unique then the next arab guy. Then again, my native boy may not be the poster child for diversity.

  • What I think is...

    This is a typical question "is one guy hotter than the other." I think we are all individuals with the same rights. We should not be treated like we are things you can choose between. It is not like Arab guys are Hersey bars and Cuacasians guys are resses peanut butter cups. Some people will prefer one over the other and others may like neither, some might like both. Think of all the people from those cultures who have read this, what if one was winning over the other. For sure the that culture would not be happy. This is just what I think, so do not take it personally.

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