Are Arabs the most uncivilized nation in the world

Asked by: Cyrus1860
  • Arabs are uncivlized

    Killing innocent people even in their territory such as Syria and Iraq, oppression of females, forcing people by beheading to do what they want, lying, lying and lying, treating other nations like a crap and hundreds of other uncivilized signs. I am just wondering if there is any other people worse than them. You may say that North Korean people are also uncivilized but they may change as their political system may change. But Arabs will hold their beliefs even after 1000 year later.

  • THE ROOT of the PROBLEM in the WORLD - since the birth of Ismael, who was an ILLEGITIMATE BASTARD AND MISTAKE of Abraham

    Arabs are arguably the most ignorant, uncivilized, racist, aggressive and ungodly race since the times of Noah.

    They rape, curse, steal, destroy and kill in the name of allah, their god which is also the manifestation of their hate, angst, hunger, insecurities and WEAKNESSES against the Christian nations and Jews who are people of TRUE GOD (no that allah is a false god that came into view when the delusional beggar named Muhammad got drunk off his @$$ and mistook the lies of a demon for the words of the Lord's angel.

  • I'd say it's america who is uncivilized

    Considering how many wars they like to start killing millions of innocents they seem the most uncivilized to me ''oh look oil LETS FREE THE COUNTRY'' the amount of wars and innocents that died to america is astronomical and the fact that some americans still glorify it is ridiculous .

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