Are archaic visa policies in the United States a threat to the U.S. tech boom?

  • yes they are

    I mean anything archaic would probably be a threat to new technology. Technology, especially the newer stuff, is definitely not in any way helped by any thing archaic. I don't know that necessarily visa policies are a threat, but who knows they could be a threat to the technology boom.

  • Tech Growth is Lacking in the US

    There are too many smart and talented people who want to come to America to ply their trades, and we just won't let them in. If such a visa and immigration policy was to take jobs away from qualified and interested Americans, then there might be an argument. That clearly isn't correct however, and the country is falling behind other places with a more open policy.

  • Yes, visa policies in the U.S. do not support tech businesses.

    Yes, visa policies in the U.S. do not support tech businesses. Visa limits for work visas in the U.S. don't allow tech business to hire the best employees, who may live all around the world. Thus, tech businesses will either have to resort to using potentially unqualified American workers, or be forced to spend large amounts of money to open offices in different countries.

  • Visa policies are there for a reason

    There are so many different types of visas available to people, they have to pick the correct one. The US has a fear of everyone wanting to come to the US to work and they do make it difficult. If companies and recruitment agencies know the best way to get around the visa system, there shouldn't be a problem with bringing in new workers. It's not only visas that are the issue, but the benefits and rights they may or may not be entitled to.

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