• In some ways, yes.

    I think that Arizona has every right to set their own immigration laws. Personally, I am from an Italian background. My grandparents came here in the 60s, became American citizens, learned the language, and never asked for public assistance. Why should I have to support illegal immigrants just because their country is a terrible place to live in?

  • Arizona's immigration law is extremely fair to United States Citizens.

    Illegal immigration has and will be a problem in the United States and the cost to America is in the billions each year. The only way to stop it is to identify those that are violating the law. I do not condone racial profiling and believe that someone should not be "stopped" just because they are suspected of being an illegal immigrant. However, everyone pulled over for speeding or any other legitimate reason should have their citizenship checked. The information should be just as available to officers as our driving history. Violators should be fined and deported. Currently the law stipulates a $100 fine and 20 days in jail.

  • No, the laws are disgusting and racist.

    Reading the YES answers on the left side of the screen almost made me throw up. The fact that you can ruin someone's life by pulling them over (because they look like an immigrant) and then deporting them because they weren't born in this country is pathetic. We are a nation of immigrants and those who say "get out" have never actually worked or befriended an immigrant. Many immigrants work hard and just want a better life. I really hope in 50 years our children look back at these laws and ask their teachers "How could they be so evil?"

  • No, These Laws Are Not Just.

    Arizona's immigration laws promote racial profiling and are anything but just. These laws allow the police to racially profile someone they think is suspicious. Additionally, their laws discourage diversity and, if anything, promote straight racism. Their schools aren't allowed to teach any diversity. Diversity is important in learning and exposing children to other cultures and societies.

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