• Arranged marriages are a social evil

    Arranged marriage is a social evil which persists even today, even among the most educated families, in India, like mine. I am fighting each day to stand up for myself, for my freedom. Its against natural selection. Most of all, it is bound by meaningless checkpoints which have nothing to do with the compatibility for a marriage, namely-Caste, Religion, country, financial status, education, skin colour, occupation of family members, ridiculous! Like going to a market, picking something that seems okay and adjusting to it for the rest of your life. And also, it comes with a age deadline. It is just too binding, and very unnatural. I feel suicidal fighting about this.

  • Arranged Marriages Hinder Human Rights

    By arranging a marriage, the people in that marriage are automatically deprived of certain human rights. They're unable to choose their lover and are stuck with whoever their family has arranged for themselves. This is unjust on various levels and has no place in the 21st century where personal freedoms are obviously a right.

  • Well technically...

    If someone unwittingly infringes on their own rights it can be argued that it is beneficial to them, which would in fact be true, however that sill infringes on the right to choose and you are then putting the other in the position of dealing with that, so at bet in this argument the other must be willing to put up with it and that would make a one-sided relationship, even if it works out in the end.

  • There Are No Human Rights In Arranged Marriages

    By the very nature of something as basic as choosing our life partner an arranged marriage is the very antithesis of free choice and thus, human rights. Yes, a parent should offer inputs when their child is choosing someone to spend the rest of their life with. But no parent has the right to make the sole choice.

    I mean, seriously, just look at how miserable some of our parents marriages are-how can they think they can make the choice for their children?

  • YES

    While I will agree that I can see the argument that there needs to be some input from parents for young people, I will say that mostly this is not the way arranged marriages go with people. Most of the time, the parents choose with little to no input for their children, and I absolutely do believe that this is wrong.

    Nobody should be forced to marry somebody that they cannot stand or barely know. Who you spend the rest of your natural life should be about a little bit more than making the best business decision, and the people involved should definitely get a say in the matter.

    I base this off a belief in personal autonomy. That is, you are not the property of any other human being and you own yourself. Arranged marriages take away this autonomy.

  • A woman should have the right to meet, choose, court and marry the man of her choice.

    She should not be made to bow down to any man, or person. Arranged marriages are degrading and should be banned in all countries. A woman could go her whole life in a loveless marriage, bearing children to a man she does not care about. In my opinion, it is no better than rape.

  • Yes

    Yes arranged marriages are contrary to human rights. When a marriage is arranged it is usually done by the family, without the bride having any say in the man she marries. Often times the men are much older than the women/ girls and with them not being able to choose, it goes against their basic human rights.

  • Arrange marriage can be beneficial in many aspects of your live and it does not deprived the human rights

    From my point of understanding, families of bride and groom are always supporting each other on this occasion it extend family level. Even if the arrange marriages fail, the couples always has a shifting position to blame, which the accusing finger will be to the family that arranged this celebration of marriage....

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