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  • no they aren't

    I do not think that artificial sweeteners are good for human consumption. They are not natural and I do not think our bodies need artificial anything. There are plenty of natural sweeteners that do the same thing that are much healthier for human beings. I do not think that people should use artificial sweeteners.

  • Of course they're not good for you

    Artificial sweeteners are manufactured chemicals that have no positive benefit. At best, they're harmless, but we still need more study to prove that. But we all know that. Nobody actually thinks these chemicals are good for you.

    The question is whether or not they are better than sugar. In terms of pure calories, they are. A zero calorie Diet Coke obviously has less calories than a 182 calorie Coke. Does this mean that Diet Coke is good? No. Does it mean that Diet Coke is better for you than Coke? Well, maybe. What we know for sure is that your best choice is to grab a cup of ice water instead.

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