• It should be hard

    Art should inspire a viewer/listener to say "that's amazing, I could never do that". If the response is "I or anyone could also splash paint all over the page like that" then the mystique is lost. That is a disservice to art and artists. As a composer, I spent almost an entire year exclusively working on one choral symphony. I can assure you that it was anything but easy to write.

  • I'm terrible at art

    I cannot stand having to draw or paint anything, and I don't do either of them well. I'm 41 years old and have no skill in the arts (besides music, but your question doesn't specify). But all people are different, and my daughter is super talented when it comes to drawing and painting while I am terrible at it.

    Posted by: HSB
  • Art is For Everyone.

    Art is a concept of shape and color. Anybody can do art, whether they can perfectly draw a person, or perhaps express their emotion with abstract lines and colors. Either way, art was made. The only art that is considerably harder than others would be music, but even if, you can beat on a bucket and it is music. You can lie, and its acting. You can express emotion, it's art.

  • Never its easy.

    Arts and Crafts are very easy. Like it only takes 1 minute to make a elastic flower for you hair. I love arts and crafts especially drawing it takes me 2:30 minutes to create an anime drawing . How long would it really take you to make drawing or an elastic flower

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