• Yes, Asian markets are in trouble.

    Yes, I think that Asian markets are in trouble, especially here in Canada. There are not many people anymore who visit the Asian markets as a lot of Chinese food here in Canada is found with bugs in it and other nasty things. I see less and less people visiting the Asian markets.

  • Asian Markets in Trouble

    Asian markets are not in trouble. Reports have surfaced noting that the Asian markets are falling sharply. Many are uncertain of how the Asian market is doing statistically, but, others are not in fear of the recent talks. Time will certainly tell, but all signs are pointing to an uprising and stable Asian market in the New Year.

  • No, Asian markets aren't in trouble.

    With as much media as we as a society produce and consume these days, every slight fluctuation in any given national economy or particular sector of the market comes under intense scrutiny. This has everything to do with why some have suggested the Asian markets are in trouble. I believe, though, that this is just a passing hiccup, and that in the long term Asian markets are still very promising.

  • Asian markets are not in Trouble

    After searching online, i haven't determine the answer, it seems that Asian markets are not in trouble and if they are they are, it would have been appeared on any website but i have not seen anything until now so i disagree with this question because i haven't find any important information for this topic.

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