Are Asian parents much more strict on Education (mainly South Asian and East Asian)?

Asked by: viperimz
  • Without a doubt!

    I am a British Asian (British South-Asian) and it is so annoying when ever the issue of education comes up with my parents. They are so strict and take everything so seriously. They build so much pressure. And this is not just me as it is many other Asians face this. If you do not get the grades they want, they get angry and will punish you in some sort of way.

  • Yes, In fact many educated Middle Eastern, Eastern Europeans, West Africans, And yes, Southeast, East, And South Asians are extremely strict on education.

    However I can only speak for Hindu South Asians, As I am an Indian American born to Maharashtrian Indian immigrants, And due to similar cultural ties, I can speak for Eastasians aswell. In Hinduism, Education especially mathematics was always a big deal. Many famous mathematicians were from ancient India, And there is even a Hindu god of education. I also know that philosophy and education was a big deal in ancient China, And I'm pretty sure also in Japan and Korea.

  • Yes they are!

    I was born in a Vietnamese family and my parents are relentless when it comes to grades. They used to punish me by taking away my belongings such as video game consoles and my cell phone and it’s all because I get B’s in my classes. My father ,especially, always bragged about how he was a straight A student and he always thinks that saying that is a way to motivate me to get straight A’s. And my mother, she used to beat me with a broom as punishment. I can’t take the stress anymore and no matter how much I tell them, they always make me feel like I’m a worthless person. It’s not helping whenever they tell you that they have more faith in a kid with austism than their own son.

  • They really are

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  • Yes definitely strict

    Ive just gone into my first year of exams and my mum is just giving me all the pressure and not letting me enjoy what teenagers do and go out with friends, play xbox and just chill. My mum makes me study every day and I cant take it, I really do wish that I was born into any other family but a asian family

  • Definitely yes. India is the only country where the students first become engineer and than they decide what is their career.

    In Asian countries, especially in south Asia people look education is the only life saving career for their children and parents are so concious about the perception in the society. So in order to earn a reputed name among society people consider that education is the only tool. Yes some parents are giving freedom to their children but if we take the ration than its falls to 1:100. So on a holistic view south Asian are more concious about career in education rather than sports, art and children's own interest.

  • Yes Or Course!

    Since in the past when we were treated pretty badly,it's kindda important for our asian parents to become strict in order for their next generation to become much more independent than when the parents were younger.The good thing it is good for education but you might get emotionally challenged heh.

  • Yes, they often are.

    It is because of their culture and their history in America. In the past we treated Asians like we did African Americans, sadly. They often had to work harder than they should have. Well, that, mixed with a culture of perfectionism, created the stereotypical Asian parent as we know them today (at least in America). In other countries like Korea, they always had to work hard just to survive. So kinda the same thing.

  • I just hope this isn't fueled by generalization.

    Not all Asian parents are strict on education. If anything, it varies everywhere. I'm from Southeast Asia (double dilemma!) and my parents aren't strict, nor are everyone else in our area at home. Heck, I'm studying in College in the United Arab Emirates, and parents there aren't that strict either!

    The following reasons may be justified, but why they usually portray Asian parents as strict in education will have something to do with their way of life. For instance, East Asian countries are developed in terms of education, and are also highly advanced technologically, so high education is expected. South Asian countries, on the other hand, will mainly have practical reasons to succeed, such as a way to get students' families out of poverty, so high education is sought after.

    On an unrelated note, I blame stereotyping for portraying these people as strict. It's not limited for just specific regions alone.

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