• I say yes!

    Most Asian women are very kind hearted, Sweet and caring in fact they were what anime girls were based off of and they have what most American men want. So I say YES to white men dating Asian women not to mention most men find girls “very scary” so that’s even more of a reason for men to date Asian women

  • Yes, That is true

    I think that they are good with white guys in relationships, Because they are known to be more tolerant and are kind, Also because white guys (like me) think that they are cute and more attractive than white women. This is just my preference, I'm not betraying my race. That's it

  • It really does depend

    Regardless of race it really does depend on the two individuals.

    I feel the fascination Asian women have with Caucasian men is their fascination with the cauc prefix that sounds like cock and their obsession with white skin and white ghost fetishes. In much of Asian Culture white means beautiful and women often fixate on beauty while Asians fixate on economic status. Both of which from their perspective the white man represents.

    Hence due to the complete indoctrination of Asian women a lot of them simply can't help themselves regardless of whether or not the guy may or may not be good for them or vice versa.

  • Defintely a NO NO!

    WMAF both have strong sad theory, Most white guys just wanted easy sex while Asian women wanted higher status or delusionally wanted become white and having a child with "blonde hair and blue-eyes" (basically white worshipping) that also lead to self-hating being Asian due to experience from Asian parenting or society.

    ALSO NEVER BRING YOUR BORN HAPA CHILD IN WESTERN COUNTRY! I been seeing articles how average hapa (mostly males) have hard time fitting with white people and not Asians, Why? Lets be honest Asians are pretty chilling and Hapa guys wanted to be white not Asians literally being white don't believe me they constantly complain about apperance being too "Asian" thats how you can tell they don't complain about being white.

    Plus theres been already two public shooting thats connect self hating hapa and WMAF heres are two example:

    Nathaniel Tennosuke Berhow and Elliot Rodger.

    Thanks alot for caring about your selfish needs rather should think carefully about borning a Hapa (or not borning a child but adopt child which is less conflict about child own apperance) in a westerm society that is hypocrite, You also had to give advices about sex life, Dating tips, And balance relationship (btw which they don't care about the child
    Except only themsleves).

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