• Aspirations For Tolerance

    I personally think that the Texas Supreme Court announced its decision to reverse and remand for a new trial, the case of Andrea Yates. It will be recalled that Yates, despite the abundant evidence of severe mental illness was convicted of killing her five children by drowning them in a bath tub. While the reversal was not totally unexpected because the expert for the prosecution gave testimony that was inaccurate, the decision of the Texas Supreme Court focused attention on an issue that has been hotly debated for decades now, what the appropriate standard for legal insanity should be.

  • Aspirations for tolerance and trust are bolstered by empathy.

    Humans have a tendency to be empathic towards other humans. If one person witnesses another, who they consider to be human, suffer exclusion or mistreatment, due to misguided hatred, they normally feel as if it is happening to them as well. the more people that witness or experience hatred and exclusion, the more they aspire for a trust and tolerance.

  • aspirations for tolerance

    Multitudes of commentators have written and spoken about the perceived increase in partisanship over the past twenty years or so. The evidence for this is rather limited, but it does appear to most people that compromise is harder to arrive at and the bickering is more constant. This lack of bipartisanship has been blamed on extremists in each party, gerrymandered Congressional districts (which lead to the previous possible reason), and even the diffusion of media sources which has served to reinforce more hardened positions since people are only exposed to the people.

  • No they Aren't

    I do not believe aspirations for tolerance and trust are brought on more by hatred and exclusion. I believe there are people in this world that try to get the importance of tolerance and trust across despite what else is going on in the world. I believe more people speak up when hatred and exclusion are more common.

  • Not at all

    No, you do not need to have a lot of hate to reach peace and trust. I think it all depends on how different views are held by people. I think that if a race or culture does a lot to help out a different one, then they will get along.

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