• It covered military technology then, it covers it now.

    It does not say that we are limited or that we only have restricted rights, it says we have rights. PERIOD. The second Amendment clearly states that the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. What part of that do you not get? Long story short, it is there to safeguard us from tyrannical Governments. It is meant so that we can stand up against an unconstitutional and oppressive Government. Back then, muskets were top notch military technology, we need equal firepower to stand up against a Government that has lost its balance. Today, the government has tanks, drones, and all sorts of stuff that would bludgeon us to the dirt. We need our modern technology to combat theirs. Honestly, the only difference between an Ar15 and other civilian firearms is how it looks and how it operates. That being said, the ar15 looks exactly like the military m4a1, but the operational capabilities and how it works are completely different. We need our guns now more than ever!!

  • The Second Amendment has no qualifications.

    Yes, assault weapons are protected under the Second Amendment, because the Second Amendment is clear in that it does not have any limitations or exceptions. The Second Amendment says that the people's right to bear arms shall not be abridged. It does not say unless, or maybe, or with exceptions. There is not an exception for assault weapons.

  • Yes, the Second Amendment protects the right to use assault weapons.

    While there are some variables, assault weapons are protected for the most part under the Second Amendment. It gives citizens the right to purchase assault weapons, but like I said, there are some restrictions. Another thing to think about is that when the Second Amendment was written, things like M-16s had not been invented. And I think that's why everything is not exactly clear on the matter.

  • We the people

    Yes, I think that any firearm is protected under the Second Amendment, which says that the right of the people to keep and bear arms could not ever be taken away. So there should not be any regulations on the type of arms that we can own and keep with us.

  • The Were Banned

    Assault weapons have never been considered protected under the Second Amendment. The y were banned when George Bush let the law expire that was banning them. Unfortunately, he had the option to renew the ban and I really feel it should have been maintained. None the less, they may be banned again in the future, since its happened in the past.

  • Muskets are protected under the 2nd Admendment

    When the forefathers wrote the Second Amendment and said, "we have the right to keep and bear arms." There is no way they could of had the inclination of how powerful weapons would become, especially assault rifles. If they did, they probably would of wrote the Second Amendment differently. People like to take things to far.

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