Are Atheist just as ignorant as Creationist ?

Asked by: Soadratm
  • Even more so, possibly

    Let me start with that picture; those aren't atheists, they're babies. People are not born atheist, gay, or even Christian. Atheists think they're so smart, but they make a lot of screw ups that reveal that they are wrong. Atheists claim that a loving God would not create hell and send people that don't love him to hell. This is flawed, however, as Hell was originally meant for Satan, not for humans. You don't get sent to hell for not believing in God, you are sent to hell for your sins, which were never forgiven, since you didn't accept Christ, or his act of forgiveness. Also, atheists "praise" the Flying Spaghetti Monster as a "genius" way to mock Christians, and I really have nothing to say to that, other than it proves the immaturity of atheists. Finally, atheists are so judgmental of Christians, when they don't stop to realize that maybe we don't condone what some so-called Christians are doing, and they believe us and them are one in the same.

  • No, they aren't

    No, because creationists believe in religious scripts over modern science that disproves their creationist arguments, while most atheists aren't ignorant and are tolerant of other's beliefs, but just don't believe in the existence of any sort of god, while creationists disregard all science and believe the wrong things, to be frank.

  • Atheism is neutrality

    Let's start with the question: Are atheists ignorant? Interesting question, but the ignorance flowing through the original response is ridiculous to such an extent that it makes a mockery of the debate. I am an openly atheistic individual, with a sound understanding of Christianity (which doesn't seem to be the case for the previous poster). To be clear, atheism is not antitheism - it is the absence of belief in a god or deity. Due to the complete lack of evidence for any god, it is by far the most logical (and non-ignorant) stance in the debate on the existence of such entities.
    It's actually quite ironic that the last post claims "Atheists think they're so smart". Firstly, I have NEVER met anyone who claims to have been "born atheist" - my atheist, Catholic, Muslim and Hindi friends all agree that we have developed our beliefs over time.
    As for the arguments put forward - both of which are hugely flawed - I offer rebuttal below:
    "you don't get sent to Hell for not believing"..."you are sent to hell since you didn't accept Christ" - HUGE contradiction! Also, what type of supreme being would actively punish people for having an open mind which wasn't swayed to believe in something for which there was no evidence?
    "atheists "praise" the Flying Spaghetti Monster" - you couldn't possibly be more wrong!!! This link explains about Pastafarianism, which is NOT ATHEISM:
    Finally - using unsupported sweeping generalisations to attempt to discredit millions of intelligent, theologically-neutral people is crass, immature and COMPLETELY IGNORANT.
    Sort yourself out...

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