Are atheists being discriminated against in employment applications?

Asked by: Aned
  • Was Fired For Being Atheist

    In 2009 I was fired when I published a letter to the editor of my local newspaper "coming out" as an atheist. I was unable to secure a job for months after publishing that letter despite meeting or even exceeding qualifications for every job I applied to thereafter. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding.

  • Promoting Religion is a Form of Totalitarism.

    The way the media and all other institutions treat atheists is wrong and of very discriminatory nature. People's values do not depend on any religion but on their morals and own values. Atheists should be portrayed as everyone else whether on TV, SPORTS, MILITARY CIRCLES, JOBS, UNIVERSITIES, MOVIES, just to mention a few.

    Posted by: Aned
  • On the contrary, I believe it is the often inflexible morality of religious people that causes more conflict in the workplace.

    No they aren't. If anything people who are religious are being more discriminated than atheist. Atheist have a universal worldview which helps them get jobs because it won't cause conflict in the work place among co-workers and customers. Mainly, Christians are discriminated against not because of culture change and ethics changing. Moral standards cause conflict anywhere and atheist may have morals but their convictions don't affect their work environment. Therefore a majority of employers won't discriminate against them.

  • No Atheist are not being discriminated

    Although I do believe it is possible that an atheists can be discriminated against in an employment application, I don't believe they are in general. I think the way the world is changing in culture and in ethics that actually more people who are religious are being discriminated against, mainly Christians. The reason why is because atheist are universalist. They basically don't have any strong convictions that would offend a customer or a co worker which makes a working environment more peaceful. As for as people who have religious morals will stand up for them sometimes which will cause some division.

  • I don't believe that's true, in contrast to the rest of the big picture.

    People will discriminate you regardless of your religion. As a Zen Buddhist I get ridiculed by Christians and Atheists alike. When one side doesn't believe in the same things the others do there is bound to be some sort of conflict, which is why holy wars have claimed as many lives as all the wars about anything else combined. These also include people of the same religion fighting over who's version is right, when war is against the principles of their religion to begin with. I suppose unless Atheists were a gross minority in this country and there was a lot of evidence maybe. But with so many Atheists in the picture it doesn't really matters now does it.

  • No, it's not even asked on applications.

    There is no reason for an applicant's religion to even come up during a job interview. The only exception would be a job for a religious institution. Otherwise, there is no reason to discuss it, and therefore, no reason to think you're being discriminated against. Many people are looking for a reason to complain and often have a persecution complex.

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