• Atheism is disbelief

    It seems weird to me that atheists would be so zealous about not having belief in God/gods.

    It's like someone who doesn't care about golf being angry about golf, and actively trying to stop people from playing it. Don't take beliefs so seriously and then maybe we can all have a decent discussion about your beliefs.

  • Yes they are:

    About 100% of the atheists I've spoken to over the course of my years on this planet really don't know what Atheism entails and constantly and consistently attach all sorts of concepts to the idea. If one is to have a belief claim, so be it, but then they go on about the inherent "pros and cons" or begin expressing the same problematic elements of philosophical kinship such as one's natural state. Then you have propaganda and media telling others that atheism makes you smarter and is more chic than theology when in fact many very brilliant men and scientists were not atheists, or irreligious, and while I am using that word most of them seem to be unable to understand that "irreligious" actually has a meaning and isn't synonymous with "atheist" at all.

    Supposedly people who have the philosophical depth of a petridish are the future. Nothing has changed.

  • Atheists are hypocrites

    Atheists love to override others freedom of religion and then mask it with "we are trying to defend ourselves. They are hypocrites. They want to stomp out religion and get any chance they can grab in order to make sure that religion stays out. They then call it a victory for seculars when its a defeat for the religious and way of controlling the country.

  • Define "drama queen"

    While i don't know if i'd say drama queen per say, i will say my overall experience with most atheists is that they are very eager to mock, denounce, and attack religion. Very cynical and desperate to crush and dismantle someone religious "lie." I suppose "flying-spaghetti monster" would seem like extra dramatic, blatant mockery to me and i hear that at least daily.

  • Not all of them.

    I mean I am a super duper drama queen, but not all atheist are drama queens. I mean drama is awesome and I live to see all the glossy magazines with the latest Richard Dawkins rumors......Oh hang on thats not what you meant right?
    No not all atheists are not drama queens, just as not all theists are idiots.

  • Oh My God, Yes

    Atheists are all about bashing the beliefs of others, which they deride as people believing in something for which they have no evidence, while their position is equally as free of supporting evidence. Somehow they feel moral superiority based on their baseless position. Anyone that makes the Easter Bunny out to be a threat to their sensitivities is either overly sensitive or a drama queen. Seeing as they have little to no compunction about insulting others I doubt they are overly sensitive, making it clear that they are indeed drama queens.

  • Many are drama queens, but so are many theists.

    In my experience, atheists tend to start arguments far more often than theists. As a deist (not a theist, there is a difference), I'm neutral enough to realise that both sides are zealous.

    At least zealous theists make sense, though: why would someone be so passionate about disbelief? It just dosen't make sense.

  • Some are, Some aren't

    I would have to say that some are the biggest drama queen rejecting and unaccepting of other people's beliefs. Just as how some theist shove their faith down the throats to everyone they see, atheist slam and mock their absence of a higher being. Everyone has a right to believe the presence or absence of God. However it is to each their own the journey of every individual to discover this by themselves.

  • Some are but not all.

    Being a 'drama queen' is not a mandatory attribute atheists must have. Some are anyway, of course, but not all.
    Thefreedictonary.Com defines 'atheist' as: a person who does not believe in God/Gods.
    That's all that is required to be an atheist. How one presents their views is totally irrelevant to being an atheist.

  • An "Atheist" can be anyone

    There's people all around the world that'll call themselves an atheist and be completely different to another atheist and the reason is because Atheism is just a personal view that people hold and shouldn't be able to be put into any specific group or worldview.

    If you understand that you can't really prove a god claim is true and choose not to take the claim on the basis or faith then you are simply an Atheist, it is actually the most honest position to take when confronting a claim that cannot be known.

    If anything I would say Theists who assert their beliefs are valid are the ones who are "more likely" to be dramatic because nearly all arguments are based on ignorance and other fallacies which dodge the position of proving their claims are valid or have some truth behind them.

    You can believe whatever you want just as those beliefs don't step in the way of actual tools we use to understand truth like science.

  • How is standing up for your first amendment drama?

    The fact there are people who are passionate about keeping superstitions and myths out of our schools and governments and away from our children does mean that they are drama queens. Im guessing whoever made this poll thinks so and oh well there are just dumb people who think this but lets be honest here standing up for reason is not a show of drama if you want drama go to church!

  • Atheists are simply asserting religions should stop trying to con the public into nonsense:

    Public Atheism is a reaction to religions pushing their naive nonsense onto society, so this is what public atheism is about, it is a Protest against religious proselytizing of the public, so therefore it is their duty to be out there protesting. When religions stop forcing their nonsense onto the public, atheists will simply disappear and you won't see them in public. This has been demonstrated clearly in secular countries.
    No, it is not non-golfers complaining about golf.
    It is more like Pacifists complaining about forced conscription to fight in a senseless war.
    Golf does not try to destroy the minds of individuals through Indoctrination, whereas religion does.

  • Generalizations are inherently dangerous

    By saying "atheists" one may clearly make the assumption that we are talking about "all atheists" rather than "militant and vocal atheists" Are atheists drama queen? That is like asking "are all whites racist?" because inherently, a huge and vocal minority of the white population is racist, but that doesn't necessarily lead to all whites being racist. Same thing with this generalization made; some, although I've seen only a few, atheists are drama queens. Other militant and strongly believing atheists are just normal people, replying to the Christian drama they may receive.

  • Atheists don't believe in theists.

    The only statement that you can make about atheists is that they don't believe in theists. Atheism doesn't have any regulations, rules, or membership. If one atheist is an ass, that is because that PERSON is an ass, not the group. It really shouldn't be necessary to remind people that generalizations about such a quality are erroneous.

  • Look in the mirror

    There are people of all religions and mindsets that are "drama queens" just look at the GOP. And actually atheists are far from drama queens because many of us have to hold back our disbelief because we are the most distrusted minority in society. And many of my closest friends are Christians so if I was a drama queen shouldn't I not friends with them? Instead I am loving, loyal, and actually drama-free. The generalization of atheists as drama queens is inherently ignorant as that would mean that you have meant, spoken to, and been in every atheists shoes.

  • Not at all.

    Atheists are just fighting against Christian oppression and persecution. When a Christian complains of unequal treatment, do they get called winy drama queens? No, people stand up for them stating "freedom of belief". Atheists can choose "not to believe" if they want to. It's our right, and people who challenge that reek of Bigotry and hypocrisy!

  • Of Course Not

    While anyone can be a "drama queen," there is nothing about being an atheist that makes on more likely to be one. The question just shows that the religious don't like to have their opinions challenged. They see any challenge as a personal affront. . . . . . .

  • Stop with the labels.

    There is only one thing that ALL atheists have in common: they do not believe in the existence of a God. Thats it. Everything else is dependant on each individual and has nothing to do with atheism. Now, are MOST atheists drama queen? Again the answer is no, most atheists never even bring up the subject of atheism. So, are SOME atheists drama queen? Well, perhaps for a ridiculously small fraction, yes. But most vocal atheists are not drama queens, they are simply expressing their opinion on public land (like any other ideology) and raising awareness to their existence.

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