Are atheists looked down upon by society for being "misguided?"

Asked by: ulagudie
  • At least I am and was

    I am an atheist and ironically i went to a Christian private school. I openly admitted my beliefs as they did there's. I didn't give them snide comments or hateful words, i gave them time to speak. But i was not given the opportunity to defend myself from the ridicule which was always trying to "prove" me wrong at every step. So yes i as an Atheist am looked down upon from society of religion.

  • Yes, I am looked down upon.

    At my school, many of the people are Christian. I live in Huntingburg, a small town in Indiana, and we have churches on just about every corner. I was in a class at school and my teacher, in a joking manner, was calling a hispanic classmate "Jesus" instead of "Jesus" (The first Jesus being the deity) and I sighed, loudly, because I don't like it when people talk about there beliefs in a government institution like a school. The teacher looked at me like I was a terrible person and told me to "shut up and read your book" (yes, he said "shut up") I took this to the principle but he said he couldn't do anything because he can't "hinder the beliefs of an employee (makes no sense to me...)
    Since then every teacher, and other classmates look at me for not thinking the same as they d.

  • Atheists are absolutely pitied by society.

    As a high school-age atheist with religious parents living in Tennessee, I most certainly notice feelings of disdain towards atheists. Religious propaganda is everywhere, and when I expose my beliefs at school, people think less of me. I am no longer an excellent, motivated student and thoughtful friend but rather a godless heathen. Teachers, students, and parents see me as different and a threat to their beliefs. In my society, atheists are undeniably looked down upon for their beliefs.

  • It does happen

    Atheists are discriminated in legislature. We try to get unconstitutional things out of our daily lives, but a lot of the time, the religious are favored. It still isn't acceptable to be an atheist. People will look at you as having no morals, and unpatriotic; the southern states usually feel this way the most.

  • Yes We Are

    Society makes little effort to disguise hatred of atheists. It was only recently that Atheists lost the Most Hated Group in America title to the Tea Party. To a narrow-minded person of religion, a God-less world is unimaginable. The hatred stems from narrow-mindedness and the rejection of the possibility that one could be incorrect. To someone like that, atheism is so foreign to their dogma that they cannot comprehend how someone could believe it. It's aggressive denial of an opponent's validity.

  • Opening presents on christmas.

    Was attending xmas with family. Received a gift from my girlfriend which was a book on atheism. I did my best to keep it out of the view of my family. Well, They were very interested what book I received, after telling them, I received the whole talk on how I should of been brought up in a better house hold and how Im not living up to my potential.

    Not exactly the xmas experience your looking for.

  • In most cases, yes.

    I come from a small town in Kentucky and even though I had always been told growing up that my own religious beliefs are completely up to me, there are people in my own family who would still look down on me for not following the same path that they have in life, where religion is concerned. There has been open hate-speech from the older people in my family about how bad atheists are and how they are going down a path toward damnation.

    Furthermore, it's all too common in my hometown for complete strangers to casually ask "What church do you belong to?" As if belonging to a church is the default expectation. My reluctant response of "I don't go to church" has often resulted in mean looks or condescending remarks followed by an offer to come to their church. For this reason, I would have to say that atheists are most certainly looked down upon, at least in my small community. I never try to push my own personal beliefs on the religious to try to persuade that my way of thinking is "better," as I think that both ways of thinking have it's own unique benefits. So, I have never understood why religious people feel the need to try to persuade me. Is it too much to ask to just be treated like any other human being?

  • Unfortunately, we are.

    Being an atheist and growing up in an atheist community, I have had no problems regarding my beliefs. However, once I started admitting to being an atheist on the internet, I've had a lot more hate thrown my way than I'd expected. All that hate have made me look down upon religion all the more. It seems like you can't have a decent, unbiased conversation with a religious fellow without them trying to convert you at every turn. If that's what religion does, trying to force potentially unwanted ideas on another person, then heck, I am DISGUSTED. I truly am.

  • It's there attitude

    I figure it's because of how some atheists make inappropriate jokes towards people who believe in some sort of God. If you've ever seen CollegeHumor, there ghost busters video is intended to piss someone off. Realistically someone like CollegeHumor would have a bigger influence amongst society because of there platform.

  • They are not looked down upon nor are viewed as misguided by most level-headed people.

    I'm sure we have all heard of people like Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkins, and Christopher Hitchens. All of them very respected people who all are (were) open-minded. Some say that if you don't have a religion, then you have no morals to follow. This is completely untrue as Atheists still have compassion and the like, but above all, common sense. Highly religious people generally have compassion, but many a time religion takes priority over the most logical decisions. I would go as far as to say Religious people are viewed upon by some societies as misguided.

  • Religious people are the true misguided.

    Atheist look up to no greater Being, therefore they have no guidance at all. People of any religion use the multi thousand year old teachings to guide them in their modern lives. Choosing to be agnostic or atheist is the most logical view point. I question any christian on their views because of how many christian views exist. There are hundreds of Protestant churches that take different interpretations of the bible. With each interpretation how do you know which is correct? What if the "Christianity" you follow is the incorrect one? Religion is a man made explanation for the existence of the earth.

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