Are atheists more close-minded than religious people?

  • Atheists can be readily dismissive

    In my experience coming across online posts by self-proclaimed atheists I have found them to be presumptuous and readily dismissive of any opinion which even suggests at having a religious empathy. They tend to poke fun at different religious views with the utmost vitriolic and derisive terms, immediately rejecting a spiritual stance without engaging in a discussion or considering a variety of views.

  • It's only natural

    Few adults just became Christians without questioning their faith, becoming an adult Christian is never about just accepting what people have told you. It is about research and study which allows you to come to the conclusion that God does exist.

    Most atheists don't have the same needs, they haven't researched God or the bible because they don't believe in them. So Christians are more open in general. That is not to say that some atheists do not search and some Christians don't blindly accept. But this is the case in the majority of cases.

  • Of course they are.

    Watch the major debates, and see how they act. They use old and disrespectful cliches like "well, do you believe in the tooth fairy?". They also have the arrogant stance beforehand that they are right, and everyone else is wrong. Yet those who are religious can easily hold our own against them.

  • Yes they are.

    Atheists can be open-minded, but the vast majority of them laugh at you for believing in God without giving it a second thought. While Religious people believe that all things are possible through God, Atheists only believe what they can see, hear, and touch. That immediately makes them more close-minded. Also they say that they will believe what they can prove, but they can't even prove that God doesn't exist. So why should they even believe that?

  • From personal experience.

    I can't speak for all atheists, but the ones I've come in contact with seem to think they know more about religion than anyone. Despite never actually believing or being a part of it. They think they just because their parents were Christian or whatever. It makes them Christian too. They think just because they read the Bible it makes them an expert even though it's clear they have no idea what it's even talking about. They think they know more than the people who've studied it live by it and have read it. So rather than just letting us believe what we want like we have the right to do. They argue and argue with us. They accuse us of trying to shove our beliefs down people's throats then they turn around and do the same thing. They just seem very arrogant and ignorant. Not saying it's all atheists just the ones I've come in contact with.

  • From a personal experience.

    I can't speak for all atheists, but the one's I've come in contact with seem to think they know more about religion than anyone else. Even though they've never really been Christian themselves. They think just because they were raised by religious parents it makes them Christian as well. They have no respect for anyone else's beliefs they seem very arrogant and ignorant.

  • Coming from an agnostic...

    I am agnostic, do not believe in God, gods, or whatever you want to call it, but I do believe that we as humans - as scientists, have no way to readily dismiss any theory. Our time on this tiny planet is a drop in the bucket compared to the reality of the universe, it is in fact so vast and so old that our brains can't seriously comprehend it. It is extremely irresponsible and scientifically dangerous to accept that a book which was written and translated just thousands of years ago provides all the answers to our existence, let alone the existence of the entire universe. However, I think it is just as ridiculous for an atheist to argue that they KNOW for a fact that there hasn't been any force to intervene in the creation of the universe. Atheists are arrogant and ignorant to believe that they have the divine knowledge over all other humans, and to believe that this just all happened out of nowhere. Collectively, atheists have been the most closed minded group of people I've met besides the religious - to me they're all the same - it is their way, or no way - no room for scientific progression or reasoning. In my opinion, atheism is a religion of it's own.

  • They are pseudo-intellectuals

    Atheists claim to have the open mind in a debate yet they completely refuse to take other peoples opinions serious, and many times mock them. They are usually pseudo-intellectuals who scrounge research and information from second hand scientific research. They also make narrow approached arguments towards religious people, as they claim to understand the religion when in reality they haven't even read it's holy books, so they base everything on twisted material from unreliable sources.

    Posted by: Deus
  • Depends on the Person

    This solely depends on the atheist you encounter, but for the major, in fact EVERY atheist I have meet is close minded and that is just being generous! I have no idea what they are even thinking half the time, trying to impose their ideals of evolution upon others and rejecting what others have to say to them as a counter remark. They start off the conversation teasing and mocking religion, and discounting credit, they treat it unfairly and act as if it was the only book in history that cannot be trusted. Honestly the Bible has been written ages before they were born and has out lasted the ages with CAREFUL and PRECISE ability to replicate it, they would take many written transcripts of the Bible then find the most common word in all of them and there you have it. An example would be; There are flying cars, there aren't flying cars, they're are flying cars. They would find the word that is common with all of them and that is how they found books of the Bible and kept it through the ages. Further more there was a discussion on dinosaurs, I claimed they exist within the Bible, or rather something that very well describes the dinosaur, they discount it as evidence that the Bible is true, they DID NOT say, "Where is it found? ", "Can you show me where it says that?", or even "Really in the Bible? Where's the proof where it is found in the Bible!" They discount all of these, and on multiple occasions, I try physical, recent facts with valid sources, they ignore it and blabber on with whatever comes straight to their mind without a second thought. It is as if I were talking to a brick wall. I mean I wouldn't except much of atheist after I meet quite a lot of them that acted so childish, with constant rejection and outdated information of possibilities. They don't even know the different between when someone is an idiot and if their actions were idiotic, the fact that they correlate these two as the same is very disturbing. I hope in the future there will be better and more accepting atheist who RESPECT others opinions and not bash on them behind their backs and claim that evolution is the only way it can happen. I would never entrust people like this to guide humanity into its next era, On the other hand the quite opposite of atheist should do so, as they would be open minded, not saying that all religious people are open minded, creative, and respectable people should do so, not people who impose that anyone who is not an atheist cannot do great things, because that is practically the teaching now in days from my experience and recollection,

  • Depends on the Person

    For the most part, a mass majority of atheists I have encountered are very close minded, and that's just being generous. Honest, I have nothing against them as a disclaimer. For once instance my friend, which atheist, starts most of these conversations. They first claim that dinosaurs did not coexist with mankind, I contradict them with what is written in the Bible. You'd expect if they were open minded they ask to see where in the Bible is it written, but no, they would laugh and just ignore it, discounting pieces of evidence. I dare you to tell me that is not close minded! And even in other arguments, they would state a point then just ignore everything else I say, no matter what I say they would just repeat themselves and deny all physical and written evidence that I proclaim although I give valid sources, they give none and keep on denying. So they start the conversation and deny everything I say, very close minded people with close minded beliefs, discounting other possibilities.

  • Actually, they arent.

    I think atheists are actually more open-minded than religious people. Religious people are set in their ways. They don't want to believe there is any way other than how they believe. An atheist is open to hearing about literally everything, they just don't believe in God. They don't, however, tell you that you are wrong.

  • Musings on openmindedness and religion from an Athiest

    An athiest will believe that which can be proved. When you decide to give up reason and believe that which you are told, instead of that which you can witness or prove somehow, you are letting your emotions take control of you. I respect other's beliefs regarding religion, and I wouldn't want to offend anyone. But I find it kind of funny that religious people tend to get offended by any idea that challenges their beliefs, whereas athiests readily accept these sorts of ideas as plausible, even if unlikely, and set out to prove them right or wrong. Religion usually perpetuates the idea that we are inherently terrible beings, which cant be good for the psyches of followers. All in all, it is important to let everyone be happy in whatever way they choose, so long as it doesnt involve hurting other people mentally or physically. My last point is that athiesm wouldn't even be a thing without religion's existence. It is important to think about what would happen if the teachings of religion suddenly dissapeared altogether. At the point in our society we are at, would we really come to the same conclusions that the less advanced people of our past came to? I believe not, and that once we stop trying to force everyone to think like us, we will gradually move towards a better society where people will stop murdering in the name of God. The number one message that you can take out of religion, athiest or not, is peace, love, and tolerance. I live by that to the best of my abilities. It is not my right to say what you should value, but I certainly think that we can all agree murder and torture and anger towards our fellow humans is merely impeding our progress as humans, and when we can all agree on the same base set of values than we can truly start growing as a population. The problem is, it is much easier to accept something blindly then to use your cognitive abilities to think. Question as much as you can, this will keep us from standing still. Also much love to the religious people of the world who follow the basic tenants of their religion instead of using religion as a justification to commit what their own religion defines as sin(I'm looking at you anti-homosexuals). Freedom of thought is the most important thing.

  • We're not all that bad.

    I myself am an atheist, surprise surprise I'm voting no. However I am very open about other people's religion and I do not completely dismiss the idea of God. To do that would make me as bad as the Christians who will not accept anything but that there is one true God and nothing else is right, so it is not right for me to become the very thing I oppose. I respect everyone's religion and don't put them down to it, following a religion isn't hurting someone. However when Christians have the nerve to then challenge my belief I take offense. I've met a lot of Christians who have no respect for my belief that there is no God, calling me "wrong, naive, close-minded" etc. At the end of the day if your God loved us all surely he would allow us to choose what we want to believe.

  • Wear are not!

    Atheists are definitely not MORE closed minded than religious people. Taking Christianity into account, do you really believe that a 4000 year old 'holy' book is more credible than evidence? If you think about the Bill Nye/ Ken Ham debate, it is clear that us, atheists, are more OPEN-minded than theists. Ken ham, stated that as he is a Christian, there is nothing that would make him stop believing in God, or the bible. However, when Bill Nye was asked what would make him change his mind, he replied evidence. Evidence would change his mind.

    If I was to assume that the term 'close-minded' in this question were to mean people who deny evidence, regardless of how logic it is, then theists are clearly more closed-minded than atheists. If a theist is unable to change their belief, due to the way in which they were brought up, then how can you assume we are closed minded?

  • This is question is generalizing a lot

    Both atheists and religious have people that are close-minded, not all atheist´s think the same nor do all religious people, there may be a religious person who is more open-minded than an atheist and vice versa.
    However i answered no because, atheism is just the rejection of the belief in a god or deity, while religions usually has divine rules which have to be obeyed, which in my opinion makes most religious people more closed-minded than atheists

  • From my own Experience, Absolutely Not

    Close-mindedness means you are unwilling to understand and consider opposing viewpoints. Almost every theist I've talked with has a perception of the things I believe before I have explained my viewpoint, and they stick to those talking points even after our discussion. They often times will not respond to any questions I pose or if they do they'll respond with recycled apologetics arguments and not answer my rebuttal to those. I've met very few atheists that do anything like this. Dismissive is not the same as close-mindedness. A lot of atheists are dismissive of theistic claims; in fact, all of us are or we wouldn't be atheists. If somebody runs up to you saying they were abducted by aliens, and just expecting you to take their word for it, it's not close-mindedness to say, "I don't believe you." That's all we're saying when we dismiss a theistic claim. We're not closed off to any evidence you provide. If you have bad evidence or no evidence, however, we will dismiss your claim. Skepticism is not close-minded.
    Can atheists be close-minded? Certainly they can. But every time a Christian quotes an atheist being close-minded, they misunderstand what close-minded means. It doesn't mean, "I've heard your argument and I don't agree with you." It means, "I am unwilling to consider your argument."

  • Not by any definition of the word.

    "Closed Minded" means a person who will not change their belief no matter what evidence is provided to the contrary.
    An atheist would believe in a god if anyone could actually provide objective, verifiable evidence that any existed. This is the definition of OPEN minded.
    Remember kids-open mindedness does not mean believing in things for which there is no evidence.

  • It's all said and done.

    Religious people have the notion that god did it, that's that and move on. I can make this easier to understand by using an analogy I saw on reddit.

    If their is a duck as the picture on a puzzle box it would be the religious folk that say "why put the puzzle together, when it shows what it looks like right here. While the atheists are putting together the puzzle it starts to look nothing like a duck, but the religious people still say "Its a duck, you can't say otherwise until you have every piece," and the atheists are still searching for that last piece.

    Through this analogy you can see that the atheists don't really care what the box says, but they try to figure it out themselves, while the Christians are stuck to their one belief, that the puzzle is a duck.

    If everyone was this open-minded, I don't think religion would be as successful as it is today.

  • No, they're about the same.

    Here's what gets me ticked about the way religious people act about atheism. It's not that we believe in nothing, we just don't believe in a god. Simple. Religious people are also closed to their religion. You don't see catholics learning islam (unless this is Life of Pi). Actually, we're MORE open minded than religious people, mainly because we don't believe in god. We don't believe we're the only form of life in the universe. We don't force our beliefs onto others. Try and think, really hard. Has there ever been a war started by atheists to force atheism? Because there's been a war for most of the other religions. So tell me, religious people. Tell me how believing that there's life on other worlds, and that the Earth is billions of years old, hosting an insane history, and that our lives aren't controlled by a man in the sky makes me closed minded.

  • No, we are not

    The reason we may seem dismissive is because our belief system is based on logic and evidence. When you make unsubstantiated claims about how your religion is the best, yes, we will be dismissive. Religious people erroneously and arrogantly believe that their "holy" book is directly from God, and that God loves them more than the other people. This is the epitome of arrogance and close-mindedness. They deny scientific facts like evolution, subjugate certain people such as homosexuals to second class citizen status and indoctrinate their children into fairy tale cults because a book told them to do so. If this isn't close mindedness, i don't know what is.

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