Are atheists more peaceful than religious people?

  • Yes they are

    I have never heard an atheist call war on other religions. The majority of atheists tolerate and respect other peoples belief. Those who are religious should look back at the crusades. Thousands of people were killed, raped, mutilated, robed, beaten, etc. All of this in the name of god.
    How can you say that they are not peaceful? We don't blow our selves up in the name of Allah. Yes, there are those that go on a rampage but it is their mental state. To answer the question, atheists are more peaceful than religious people.

  • Yes we are

    Because no one can tell an atheist to kill somebody because of he is not an atheist. He may kill somebody for a reason of his ( self defense). But not for some shits written on some books of gods which are actually written by a man decades ago. Yessss

  • Yes we are

    Because no one can tell an atheist to kill somebody because of he is not an atheist. He may kill somebody for a reason of his ( self defense). But not for some shits written on some books of gods which are actually written by a man decades ago. Yessss

  • Yes, but ......

    The proportion of atheists who have violent inclinations is possibly the same as religious people. However, they do not have the same reasons to justify violence on the same scale as someone with a religious belief with a violent inclination.
    I believe if you were to compare atheists and religious persons both with violent inclinations, the atheist would statistically be less so.
    Ultimately violent people justify their actions by manipulating truths, what better truth to manipulate to avoid feelings of guilt than the word of their God.
    What an awful shame for the peaceful religious to be tarred with the same brush.

  • Yes they are because the do not have violent directives guiding them.

    Atheists are mostly educated science minded people. And even when want others to believe what they do they do not have "holy books" that condone violence slavery and even pedophilia guiding them. They do not believe that others will be eternally punished in some hell for not thinking like they do and most that I have met prefer debate and reason to guns and swords. But anyone can be violent in the right circumstances. But as I look at the worlds. The more "atheist" a nation is the more advanced and peaceful it is and this is a fact in our time.

  • Yes they are but they are also more complacent to been killed and loosing their freedom.

    Atheist come in all shapes and sizes but they have one thing in common and only one thing, they gave up or never believed in a magical girl in the sky that wants to be their granny. The problem with that is that those who are believers have reason and can justify killing them as well as even those of their own faith. The biggest problem in the future is Atheist becoming to weak and not having the skills or ability to stop the rise of theocracy again. This is would be a tragedy to humanity but its a real possibility.

  • Just look at the Global Peace Index!

    Atheist nations are the most peaceful on the planet. Nations with a higher percentage of islam or christian followers are the most violent on the planet. So the stats themselves show that atheists are more peaceful than religious people. If you do not believe what I am saying then please google the Global Peace Index that is carried out by the UN.

  • Yes, many are.

    In general, I think that most atheists are more peaceful than most religious people. People who are very zealous about their religion tend to be the worst religious offenders. You don't see people bombing places or shooting doctors in the name of atheism. You don't see atheists trying to dictate the lives of gay people because of things they believe in a book.

  • We don't have a god to prove is correct to other groups

    You know, most wars on earth were caused by religion, or they take over a place saying that is there divine god-given right. They always go to war with each other just people they believe in a different invisible man, atheism is the key to peace. If we were all atheists, which would be a lot easier than us all believing in the same god, there would be an end to many problems

  • Atheist know we only have 1 life. So we want to make it enjoyable for everyone.

    We don't see this as a test or a practice life. We take responsibility for our actions and thoughts, and try not to blame others or a made up demon for our bad behavior. This is also why we tend to be mostly liberal, we know those suffering in there life should be assisted, and we do so. Not for a prize at the end but because its right. We can't ask for forgiveness on sunday and go back to bad behavior on Monday. And we don't want to.

  • No, Atheist are not more peacefull

    Atheist like to make you think or believe they are more peacefull and that war is triggered by religion but in reality it is not true. Stalin and Lenin are good examples, Atheist like to say they do not adhere to anything, do not follow any thing, only "being good"or only follow "their own human goodness" while in reality there is no "human goodness" Al social ideals in the west for example are based on religion, Christianity in this case. And the hate many Christians experience from atheist reaches extreem lows where it is normal for atheist to discriminate against Christians simply because they are christians (or muslims or jews)

  • Atheists are not necessarily more peaceful than religious people.

    Anyone who is obsessed with getting other people to believe in their ideals will not be peaceful--atheist or not. Overly religious people who think that everyone else in the world is wrong who doesn't believe like them will not have peace. Similarly, atheists who are determined to convince everyone that there is not God will not be peaceful either. Peace comes from personal security in one's beliefs.

  • Religion doesn't make one a criminal. It should make one more God/karma conscious.

    Less Religious and atheistic countries with high murder rates:
    – Estonia
    – Latvia
    – North Korea
    Estonia is the country in Europe with the lowest percentage of believers in God (lower than all the other countries in Europe) according to the 2005 Eurobarometer poll and 2008 Gallup poll and Estonia’s murder rate is consistently one of the very highest in Northern Europe year after year.
    So this claim has thoroughly been falsified by me with counterexamples to both (religious countries with low murder rates and atheistic countries with high murder rates).
    I wonder why atheists conveniently leave out Estonia when mentioning how peaceful atheist countries are? It’s probably because they feel bad that multiple sources clearly show that Estonia is the least religious country in the world and that Estonia consistently has the highest or one of the highest murder rates in Europe.
    Correlation is not causation:
    Distorting statistics to support propaganda is easy since correlation is not causation.
    The countries atheists point out as being “peaceful” had low murder rates long before they were less religious or atheistic.
    Since they had low murder rates long before they were less religious or atheistic this tells us there’s absolutely no causal link between religiosity and murder rates, meaning the reason these supposedly “atheist” countries have low murder rates is despite being atheistic.

  • No, athiests are not more peaceful

    Although many religious people would like to think that their belief automatically makes them better than non-believers the truth of the matter is that people run the gamut from peaceful to militant regardless of religious affiliation. There are just as many violent atheists as there are religious people. In the end, we are all people, regardless of beliefs, and there are good and bad apples in every bunch.

  • People Are People

    It is generally not the religious outlook of a person, but the personality of a person that makes them peaceful or violent. You can find peaceful Christians, and you can find violent Christians. You can find peaceful atheists, and you can find violent atheists. Even if it is possible to establish that one group does tend to be more or less violent, to attempt to use such a broad classification in this way really just misrepresents the classifications.

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