• You have to be a complete fucking idiot to say "No."

    Those who answered "No" to this question clearly haven't the slightest clue on what they're talking about, and are nothing more than just a bunch of dumbass Christians who claim persecution because they're losing their privilege in society.

    Atheists can't even hold public office in 7-8 US states, the Boy Scouts of America doesn't allow atheists as members, and atheists in Islamic countries can be killed for not adhering to Islam.

    Not to mention history of religions like Christianity and Islam persecuting those who are atheists.

    Atheists are also seen as immoral, purposeless, nihilistic, and are unable to love and only lust.

    And to the Christians bitching on the No section, if you really think atheists are not persecuted, discriminated against, or even the victims, and even think that they're the attackers, you're fucking retarded and only want to keep your religious privilege.

  • Yes. Yes, Atheists are persecuted.

    How can you possibly say that we're not? In the U.S. there are 6 states that ban Atheists from holding office, and one state that does not allow Atheists to be a witness in court. Though in certain countries Atheists are not tied to stake and burned like was common a few hundred years ago, there is still plenty of emotional and physical abuse against non-believers. Atheism is one of the few beliefs that, in some cases, it is not only acceptable to discriminate Atheists, but it is actually encouraged.

    How many wars have you heard of that were caused in the name of Atheism? How many wars were caused by religion?

    This is basic rocket science, people.

  • It's obvious, is it not?

    I have to use a quote here: "I'll tell you what you did with Atheists for about 1500 years. You outlawed them from the universities or any teaching careers, besmirched their reputations, banned or burned their books or their writings of any kind, drove them into exile, humiliated them, seized their properties, arrested them for blasphemy. You dehumanised them with beatings and exquisite torture, gouged out their eyes, slit their tongues, stretched, crushed, or broke their limbs, tore off their breasts if they were women, crushed their scrotums if they were men, imprisoned them, stabbed them, disembowelled them, hanged them, burnt them alive.

    And you have nerve enough to complain to me that I laugh at you."

    Dr Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Founder – American Atheists

  • 6 States outlaw atheists in public office

    There have been numerous polls this year that show a majority of Americans would never elect an atheist President but more disturbing, 6 states outright ban atheists from holding any public office. As for elsewhere in the world, several Arab countries place capital punishment on Islam-Atheist converts.
    So yes, atheists are persecuted, in the US and elsewhere.

  • Of course yes!

    People that are atheists are murdered daily, in many places they will take your children and family. It's basically like slavery in old America and Jewish discrimination in Europe! I hate when people whine about how there religion was discriminated against, what, 2000 years ago? If you said no you have no idea our pain

  • Personal Persecution / Bias

    For the last seven years, I've worked with a summer program for children with special needs children. In all that time, I had never discussed my atheist views with any of my co-workers. I recently was drawn into a religious conversation and was shocked to be insulted for being an atheist. Since then, I have noticed a definite change in attitude towards me from my co workers and especially from my employers. I had never been put on any form of probation in my time with the program but have suddenly found myself being written up for the slightest thing. Although organized state persecution may not occur in the western world, there is a definite sense of being a social pariah in some fields of work with some religious people clearly mistrusting the atheist individual.

  • Family, media, and legal persecution

    Have all been things I've witnessed against atheists, as well as several religions as well. It's upsetting that people are shunned by their own families, children are disowned, and relationships are shattered. The media representation of atheists is no help, and they are not always given equal legal rights in accordance with the supposed freedom of religion our country has. Sometimes the media or individuals claim that atheists are attacking religion when they are only expressing their own beliefs and not attacking anyone.

  • Going to hell with me.

    Since I am an atheist I will be the driver on the bus going straight to hell. But I do want to tell my fellow christians that if any of you have done the following, then you will be a passenger in my bus.

    1. Had sex before marriage.
    2. Wore wool and cotton at the same time(my favorite).
    3. Got drunk (especially in public).
    4. Cheated on your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband.
    5. Stole (anything).
    6. Lied.
    7. Used contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.

    Oh boy! And that my fellow christians comes from the Bible, so now your only hope is to get the window side seat on my bus so you can enjoy the view.

  • Theists referring to Atheism as cancer on society. . . . All the time

    Offence is to be taken not given
    Which has always suited the theists just fine, Until the tables are turned upon them.
    Atheism is not a religion, Yet many theists treat atheists as though they "believe in atheism", Believe the "wrong" thing and then treat them with hateful speech over what they perceive as a belief. Theists misconceptions of what it is to be an atheist along with their misconception of persecution compounds the problem. One must have faith to run for office after all. . .
    As someone who suffered negative repercussions for "coming out as an atheist" and some rather intense social persecution for it, I can honestly say that many theists probably don't even realize half the time when they are prejudiced against atheists. . .

  • All are persecuted in some form

    It saddens me how polarized the religious and nonreligious are. I think we both have hurt each other very much over the years. As an atheist, I have been guilty of believing Christians to be much less intelligent and have said some unkind things to my boyfriend for being Christan. However, my parents force me to go to church and tell me I'm going to hell on a regular basis. I believe that both religious and nonreligious need to practice seeing others as people and not a belief system. Myself included. Much love to you all whatever you believe!

  • No

    If anyone is persecuted it is those who believe in God. Evolution and "theories" that support the belief in no creator are taught worldwide in schools. Those who have faith and believe in god are seen as less intelligent than those who blindly buy into the idea of atheism. Most atheists have not even examined the bible adequately and seen what it has to say. They simply outspokenly mock religion and then get angry when religious people try to defend themselves.

  • No, atheists are not persecuted against.

    I'm sure there is the occasional isolated incident, but as a whole, no, I do not believe atheists are persecuted against. People are free to worship, or not however they see fit, and in general, that right is respected by society. Individuals having a difference of opinion does not equal persecution.

  • Yeah uh no.

    If atheists are persecuted then as your Christian "master" you wouldn't mind me asking some questions. First off if atheists are persecuted then how come half of the world and then some are atheist and the number is STILL growing? Secondly if atheists are persecuted how come their are more Christians being murdered than atheists. Last but certainly not least if atheists are being persecuted then how come Christians can't pray without receiving hate and mocking in schools and public places? Just a few facts that I am curious about.

  • Atheists are persecutors

    Almost nowhere in American life are atheists legally disadvantaged or denied any right or benefit that religious citizens enjoy. In fact, it is the politically activist atheist groups who routinely try to use the legal system to suppress the rights of Christians and occasionally other religious groups to practice and express their religious beliefs in the public square.

  • Ummm... No.

    Look, the government teaches atheism in schools, museums, institutions, and colleges. It indoctrinates children with Atheism and keeps theism out of the school system. If the government supports a position, that kind of means it can't be persecuted. I mean, when was the last time you heard of an Christian government making massive attempts to kill Atheists? Maybe the 1500's? When was the last time an Atheist government made a massive attempt to kill and persecute Christians? Today.

  • Yes and no

    They have been, but look at how much they persecute us. The holocaust, where 6,000,000 Jews were persecuted is a fine example. From what I have read and heard, all these atheist do is take the Bible out of context or do or even read what it actually says. Sure some people shame them, but they take all their frustrations out on blaming God and persecuting Christians. Real Christians teach of love and hope for eternal life. They need to realize that they do the same.

  • No they are not. At least not the way they would have you believe.

    Many atheists consider the "discrimination" they go through on par with problems minorities such as myself have had to go through. This is obviously not the case. There are many and I mean many politicians, government officials, business men and women, and everyday people who consider themselves as atheist. Yet they aren't fired for being atheist, they aren't told to sit in the back of a bus, and they aren't treated as second class citizens. Most atheists themselves are pretty financially stable (of course I would be too if I sued every religious organization I didn't agree with). It's ridiculous to say they are being persecuted to the same extent as people of religious faith, different race, ethnicity, and age.
    Freedom of Religion. Not Freedom from Religion.

  • Not in America, at least

    I'm going to get flamed a lot for this. But I don't care.

    Atheists, especially those of the New Age sort, only want to make fun of theists. Christopher Hitchens compared religious people to vermin numerous times, which was pretty typical of him and his kind. Look at our country and tell me that atheists are persecuted more than Christians. You won't be able to reasonably without playing word games and distorting the facts.

  • No, they make fun of theists.

    No, atheists are not persecuted against, because the atheists do more to persecute people who believe in a higher power than the other way around. Although theists might think that atheists are incorrect, they feel more sympathetic towards atheists than they might be interested in persecuting them. But theists often face mockery and discrimination for their beliefs.

  • No, but there may still be bias.

    I take the term 'persecution' to mean pretty severe, routine mistreatment. If a few people hate a specific group, and that's considered persecution, well, everything under the sun is persecuted. Atheism has had its struggles and difficulties, and has suffered persecution in the past, but in the United States at least, it is mainstream and accepted enough that I no longer consider it persecuted. There are, of course, still some places where Atheism decidedly is persecuted, but for a large population, it is no longer the case.

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