• Push to hard

    Coaches do push high school students to hard. There are games almost every day and if their isnt a game then there is practice. Kids barely have enough time for their homework yet coaches have no problem putting students on probation for not having good enough grades. A

  • High School Senior Soccer Player

    This is my third year playing soccer in high school, we didn't have enough people to play my freshman year, and I've played from 2nd grade all the way to 8th grade. Each year we've had a different coach and the first two coaches were amazing. We would do 2-4 laps around the field, do drills, work on our positions and practice shooting, then we would scrimmage til practice was over. It was very fun and we'd goof around a lot too, which made for nice team bonding experiences We had a win-lose record of 10-2 This year during the first 2 weeks of conditioning, which was Monday - Friday from 2-5, we would run from the basement of the school all the way to the 3rd floor run across the hall and we kept going till we finished 6 laps. Then we would go outside and run around the entire block 10 times, and go back to the basement run from locker to locker, do squats, and suicides. It was extremely tiring. Tryouts were after those two weeks and pretty much everybody made it on the team. Now during practice, we do 10 laps around the field, triple threats ( the most painful thing I've ever experienced) and go through a lot of drills and if we're lucky we might scrimmage. Yesterday we practiced against a middle school team, this is our first time playing in an entire year, and we have new players on the team, that were completely lost and it's hard to explain things when the ball is coming your way, anyways we won 4-1. We were happy because we thought we did well playing together for the first time. We told each other good game at the end because that's just good sportsmanship but he said that we played badly, and was angry and yelling at us from the sidelines, this is our first time in our respective positions, and it's like what do you expect from us this is our first time playing against somebody else, scrimmaging doesn't always feel that effective when your playing against your own team, so today we were supposed to be scrimmaging the majority of practice. We ran 10 laps but then he made us run more because some of us were walking because our bodies were sore, so we ended up doing 12 laps and drills till about 4:15-4:20, then we scrimmaged till 4:40 because we leave to go back at 4:45. I really don't see why we need to be doing all of this, it just hurts our bodies and not make us want to go back we try to tell him that our legs are hurting but he only tries to make us do more not help us out. Soccer has been one of my most favorite sports, but all of this work and pressure is just too much, I've even thought about quitting a few times, and I've never thought about that before

  • Coaches are pushing kids too far in sports.

    Teen athletes are being pushed to their limits. According to Psychology Today, some coaches demoralize and bully athletes. The best coaches are ones that help and explain, not yelling and bullying them. By being pushed to their limits, the athletes grades can go down, and are more likely to suffer a serious injury.

  • Sports are spontaneous and free!

    Just as a child learns to speak on it's own without homework, athletes learn through trial and error. Everyone needs their own space and time to figure things out on their own. We also need to allow the freedom to cultivate our own ways of training and enjoy the process and not focus on the results. As a coach I enjoy the sport that I coach and still compete at a high level. Difference is that I enjoy what I do and trust my mind and body to make the decisions for me. I do not push myself rather I cooperate with how I feel and do what feels good. All these lazy coaches who constantly criticize their athletes need a reality check: is the way you coach working for yourself, in many causes its not.

  • Yes i do belive that

    Some people arent great atheltes and coaches sometimes dont understand that................We are not always like me my coach pushed me so hard i wouldnt eat and i passed out by getting over heated and i told him i was too hot but he didint listen to me so thats why i belive that

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  • Yes they're way too tough

    Kids already have so much stress, especially at a high school level, worrying about social relationships, family, friends, grades, and schoolwork. A sport should be something that helps relieve stress from there lives, and promote exercise. A sport is NOT a way for a coach to take out stress, or a way for a school to get additionally funding.

  • High School shouldn't be about forcing a career

    Pushing high school athletes at all is unacceptable. These are just kids who are trying to figure out what they want in life and just because they may be good at a sport doesn't mean they might like it. Often times these kids are doing it just because of adult and/or peer pressure. High schools sports should be a hobby, not a life.

  • Yes, they are to hard.

    Yes, athletes in high school are pushed to hard by coaches. I understand that they want their players to successful and win but when kids are suffering from life long injuries and even deaf to play a high school sport it goes to far. Put the fun back in high schools sports.

  • Not pushed hard enough

    Especially at the varsity level, Athletes should want to do their best. If a coach pushes you it’s because he/she sees potential for that athlete. There are too many parents today that do not encourage hard work and dedication. Parents please encourage your athlete to talk with coaches. Don’t let them quit or they may be quitters their whole life.

  • They are not being pushed too hard

    No most of them are not with a lot of players you have to be hard on them in order to get something out of them, but there is a point when too much is enough and when to do it but some of the best teams have hard coaches

  • No they aren't

    I don't think they are. I think coaches have a lot of influence in the lives of the athletes they coach and maybe do help them get ready for the real world. It isn't like they are being forced to play. You play a sport because you want to and having a tough coach can have life long benefits

  • No They Aren't

    I do not believe athletes in high school are pushed too hard by their coaches. If this is the case in some school districts then the parents should do the right thing and approach the local school board. I can see where this may happen, but if it continues to happen, then the fault lies with many.

  • No, I don't think high school athletes are pushed too hard by coaches.

    While the coach should always keep in mind that it's just a game and should be enjoyed I think it's good for a coach to push their players to perform at the highest level they can, I think it's an important life skill to teach someone that they should always be trying their hardest no matter at what they are doing.

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