• Banks are making record profits by continuing to charge customers to access their own money.

    As the world changes to make everything more accessible and right at your finger tips; the banks continue with their "banking hours" and if you want access to your money, you need to pay extra. WHy do the banks need to continue to make record profits to pay exorbitant bonuses. Where do these profits go?

  • Any fee for withdrawing cash is too high

    There should not be fees for withdrawing from or using an ATM machine, the banks are making enough money without having to charge on every micro-transaction that goes through their organisation. The simple fact that they have, and can therefore invest for their own profit, your money should be enough for them.

  • Bank ATM Fees Are Extremly Too High!

    Bank ATM fees are out of this world. I don't even see the need for the Fee at all. It's just another way banking corporations are making their money. Considering the number of people that use the ATM and pay fees one to two dollars should be more than sufficient.

  • YES! They are!

    There are some places that have like one dollar withdrawals, and then there are places that have anywhere from 7-10 dollars for them! How? Where did such a HUGE difference come into play? That makes no sense to me at all. I don't think there should be any ATM fees if you get the money after your bank is closed.

  • Yes. ATM bank fees are too high.

    Maybe 10 or so years ago there was a real reason to charge a significant amount of money for using another bank's ATM to get your cash out but it's no longer that inconvenient for a bank to get their money back from your bank due to the increased technology and computer transfers.

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