• Australian Phone Plans are a scam

    Australian phone plans are a complete scam and are removing money out of people's pockets. The overall effect of the phone scam is to deprive the common people of their wealth in society. Overall I think that the Australians should regulate the prepaid phone industry in order to save hard earned cash.

  • Prepaid Phone Plans Offer Greater Value Than Contracts

    Long term contracts which can tie up customers for up to three years provide the least utility due to the perceived lack of freedom of choice for the customer. Given this perception, customers are willing to pay a premium to avoid a contract, an alternative to which is a prepaid plan. Therefore, while prepaid plan prices seem high, upon further economic analyses, one can observe that there is demand for prepaid plans and the willingness to pay is higher than expected.

  • Australian Prepaid Phone plans are not a scam.

    Australian Prepaid phone cards are not a scam. It is expensive to set up wireless data plans that have good coverage. They will get cheaper over time when the infrastructure is better set up and there is more competition in the market. Until then Australian people will have to deal with inflated prices for pre paid cards.

  • No, Prepaid Phone plans are not a scheme

    No, it is my opinion that Prepaid Phone plans are not part of any scheme to scam people out of money. I believe they are a viable option for the consumer and should be left that way. People deserve options in any market, the phone industry included. Prepaid Phone plans work for certain individuals who have made the decision to use them. Plans vary by carrier, and people choosing to use Prepaid services are most likely aware of the benefits and potential weaknesses of each plan. Therefore, I believe they would carefully consider any loss of money caused by switching to a prepaid card before doing so.

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