Are Australians percieved as a "joke" in America?

Asked by: Blondie21
  • Aussie aussie aussie! Oy oy oy!

    Australians are a disgraceful sub-cretin clan of cuckservatives that do nothing other than let kangaroos suck on their taints while they ram a koala bear. I respect the sting ray that killed the crocodile hunter. Typical australian trying to tickle a snakes balls to get off! How about they throw some more shrimp on the barbie and by shrimp i mean aussies since they have gaping manginas. See if your hightech boomerang technology can defend you against our drone strikes on your shit hole of a country/continent. You dont get both fucking titles you degenerate shit zippers.

  • All Nationalities Are Jokes In America

    In America, Australians are, like all other nationalities, pretty much just jokes and novelties. So witness the birth of Outback Steakhouse; gaze upon the Bible of Australia for Americans, which has two verses, "Throw another shrimp on the barbie," followed by the equally odious "A dingo ate my baby!" When LOST was on TV, we were a little better. It's been three years. We've backslid.

  • No, I do not think Australians are percieved as a "joke" in America.

    No, I do not think Australians are perceived as a "joke" in America. People kid and joke around about different stereotypes all the time. However, I do not believe this means that people think an entire country is a joke. I'm sure Australians joke around about American stereotypes just as much.

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