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  • Most certainly not.

    I was diagnosed with AS many years ago, and i am a high-functioning person. I get good grades and am a member of the school JV soccer team and the Junior Beta club. Autism and AS are two very different things and should be treated as such. Aspergers is on the much more mild end of the spectrum while Autism can often stop people from living normal lives.

  • Autism and Asperger's are not the same.

    Autism and Asperger's are not the same. While both Autism and Asperger's disease involved the delays in developing basic skills such as the ability to communicate, socialize with others, and having an imagination, Autism is considered a more severe form of pervasive developmental disorder. Children who have Asperger's can function somewhat better than Autistic children.

  • No, autism and asperger's are not the same.

    Asperger's is often confused with autism. Asperger's is similiar to autism, but a person suffering from Asperger's are very functional and may never actually get a diagnosis. They are similar in the fact both autism and Asperger's cause anti-social behavior, clumsiness, and sometimes lead to behaviors similar to obsessive complusive disorders.

  • They are different.

    No, autism and Asperger's are not the same, because they are different types of disorders. Those with Asperger's are more likely to be able to function completely in society. Those with autism are more necessary to need help with basic functions such as bathing and attending school. They are dissimilar and should not be categorized together.

  • No, autism and Asperger's aren't the same.

    I do not think that autism and Asperger's are the same type of disease and disorder. I do not belive that they are the same thing because the symptoms for each disorder are quite different from each other. I do understand why some people might think they are the same disorder though.

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