• They are annoying. Very.

    The toilets flush under you, then refuse to when you're done. It takes 10 seconds to turn the tap on, waving your hand like a fly-shooer, then proceeds to pour steaming water right on your fingertips. You pull your hands in and out, and they're still soapy when the water turns itself off. It takes 30 seconds for the tap to turn on again. You go to dry your hands, but the dryer's sensor doesn't work. Just some of the reasons automatic bathrooms are extremely annoying.

  • They are annoying.

    Automatic bathrooms are a relatively new occurance, and they are supposed to decrease spread of infection. While this sounds nice, their is no proof of correlation between automated bathrooms and reduced infections. They limit the amount of water you can use, make you wave your hand around like an idiot, and those hand dryers take forever to dry your hand, as opposed to normal towels. Automated toilets can flush when you don't want and stay normal when you do. This is not a pleasent experience.

  • Yes, they are.

    Automatic toilets, dryers, paper towel dispensers, and sinks in public washrooms are, in fact, annoying. Automatic flushing toilets, according to slate.Com, are, "The Crappiest Invention of All Time". Automatic toilets confiscate the power from the user of the toilet. Also, with my experiences have often sprayed upwards and flushed at the wrong moment too many times. Automatic dryers and sinks share many of the same unpleasant qualities of the automatic toilet, however with these, they are often not timed long enough to complete their job, making it annoying and inconvenient for the user. Automatic paper towel dispensers too often give too little paper towel for the user to dry their hands with, causing it to run out faster due to having to take too many paper towels. Empty paper towel dispensers are a huge inconvenience for users, especially if there are no hand dryers in the washroom. Timing is also typically bad with the automatic paper towel dispenser, which often takes too long to dispense a paper towel. This is an annoyance for users and a big inconvenience for people in a hurry. Despite the downsides of these inventions, there are many pros to them. A major pro is the protection against germs. Without touching anything, you are surely more likely to not get illness than if you were to touch everything, especially considering its a public washroom, which, "frequently contain more than 1,000 colony-forming units per milliliter of infection-causing bacteria", according to healio.Com. There are both pros and cons to automatic washrooms, but the truth is, most people find them down downright annoying and would rather take control of their own washroom needs than have an automatic invention do it for them.

  • Unnecessary and Annoying!

    They scare the living CRAP out of you! Especially when you don't know it's automatic. Such an incident has happened to me on so many occasions, and I find its construction utterly unnecessary. And why, may I ask, do we need it anyways? Just flush the dang toilet! But seriously, guys. ANNOYING AS HECK.

  • Yes they suck!

    I hate when I sit down on the toilet and I get water splashed on me, not because of my bowel movements, but because the toilet senses movement and flushes. It's annoying! Also, when I replace someone at a urinal after they go, the urinal will almost never sense it and it won't flush until a few minutes pass. It's gross to have to smell and see the pee of the person in front of me.

    The sinks are also annoying. Lets say you are at a park that has nice bathrooms, and so you're dirty from playing, so you need to wash your hands, but the sinks only go on for 20 seconds at a time to save money and water. It doesn't just turn right back on, either; you have to wait a few seconds for it to reset before you can turn it on again. With manual sinks, you can control the temperature, amount, and length of time of the water. Sure more water will be wasted, but with automatic toilets flushing every 2 minutes, it's going to get wasted anyway

  • Yes they are.

    Automatic bathrooms are both annoying and pointless. They are a waste of water, power, and people's patience. They cause for awkward scenarios in a public scene where people are already having a hard enough time being in to begin with. Automatic bathrooms overall do a lot more harm than good.

  • It's all about germs

    Automatic bathrooms are great for preventing the spread of germs. With manual bathrooms every time you touch the faucets of a bathroom you're touching all the germs of the previous people that touched it and every one of those people just went to the bathroom and now their hands are dirty. If you turn on the sink then wash your hands, when you turn the faucet back off you just touched all the germs from before you washed them, the same goes for the paper towels and the doorknob.

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