• It all depends on what they are used for.

    Drones are a sketchy thing to begin with and once they become autonomous it inches us further and further into the machine takeover. These drones can be a good thing but we must not forget that once we lose control of them we lose control of our lives. Like any other tool it is important how you use it.

  • Yes, autonomous mini drones are a good thing

    Yes, I do believe that autonomous mini drones are a good thing, but they should come with responsibilities, requirements, and qualifications. Whoever owns these drones should be required to pass qualifications and assessments that indicate these drones will be used safely and responsibly. Once fulfilled, the drones can be used.

  • They need to be monitored.

    No, I don't think that autonomous mini drones are really a good thing. There have been too many reports of them crashing, and they could really hurt someone. I have no problem with drones in general as long as someone capable is monitoring them and steering them at all times.

  • No, autonomous mini drones are not a good thing

    Drones with the power of surveillance that operate without human supervision should not be permitted. These drones are a major threat to privacy and their autonomous method of flight are a threat to public safety. Drones are overused by the police and military at the moment and violate privacy rights, there is no need to make drones more prevalent.

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