Are bagels a good replacement for doughnuts?

Asked by: Cheremy
  • Stereotypical jewish family.

    My family is perhaps the most stereotypical, semi-Germanic, upper-middle class Northeastern Jewish family. Everyone is really short, with giant noses, and they are all lawyers, doctors and I think I have a few investment bankers. The stereotypes about Jews and bagels also seems to apply to my family. You do not get between my family and a lox bagel.

  • Bagels Versus Doughnuts

    Bagels are healthy and have 10 grams of protein which is great to start off your day! :) Appreciated by those who are overweight, it's a great way to stay healthy and have a delicious breakfast. Especially with strawberry cream cheese that has half the fat of regular cream cheese. So enjoy a healthy twist on breakfast food. ;)

  • Doughnuts can be whole wheat and good for you

    If you eat a whole wheat doughnut it can be more healthy than a bagel that has butter on it. And doughnuts have way more taste than bagels if you ask me i would rather have a doughnut than a bagel by far. This is my opinion what is yours?

  • Bagels are not a good replacement for doughnuts.

    Bagels are a lot harder, and they aren't sweet. I think that even though bagels are healthier, I would say that most people prefer doughnuts. Doughnuts are ok every once in a while because everything in moderation. If you were to replace doughnuts with bagels, who would smear cream cheese on their doughnut??

  • Donuts are not only superior in taste, but bagels are arguably no better in nutrition

    In terms of total calories and carbohydrates, a single plain bagel is often worse than a single glazed doughnut. Additionally, because bagels taste terrible, they require an inordinate amount of sodium to enhance their modest flavors. Adding flavorings or toppings to bagels only worsens their nutritional value. Three extra words.

  • Nothing beats doughnuts

    Doughnuts are the breakfast food of awesome people there for they are far superior to bagels in every way including taste, texture, flexibility as both a snack and breakfast food, and awesomeness if anyone could prove that bagels are better than donuts I would love to see your argument please

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