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  • Bank branches are not obsolete.

    However many bank branches are fast approaching to becoming obsolete as online banking is become more and more prevalent. However I myself still prefer going to a physical bank to approach my concerns with a physical teller. There is nothing quite like having face to face interaction in order to resolve an issue or to deal with accounts.

  • Bank branches are not obsolete yet.

    Bank branches are not obsolete yet however, they are headed in that direction. There are far less branches than in our past. The loss of branches continues to grow and I feel within time they will be a thing of the past. I feel that those days are not too far out in our future.

  • Bank Branches Are Not Obsolete

    No, I don't think bank branches are obsolete, though their role within the banking community is changing. There is a definite need to be able to speak to someone face to face when you need a loan, or need to work out a specific issue with your bank account. Business accounts especially need a branch office to deposit checks and set up credit/debit transactions. These sorts of things are still difficult today with online only banking, so branch offices still have a role to play.

  • No, but they may be soon.

    Without better service and more time spent helping people, bank branches could very well become obsolete. So far, they are still more useful than not by allowing people to be walked through the process of getting a mortgage or loan or learn more about investing in a comfortable and relaxed environment. Many people still prefer doing business in person rather than with an automated messaging system or a hastily trained phone customer service representative.

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