Are bankers, companies, and the government truly "evil?"

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  • Not Truly Evil

    There is no reason to believe that bankers, companies, and the government are truly evil. While our systems do contain select people whose greed exceeds their common sense or ability to empathize with the population, it does not mean that everyone associated with these work sectors are evil. If people stand up against the greed of organizations, boycott, petition, and protest; they would be less likely to appear evil.

  • No, they are self-interested.

    No, bankers, companies, and the government are not truly evil, they are simply looking out for their own self-interest. It can seem frustrating to some people that banks and companies earn profits, but large companies and large banks also take big risks. Some companies succeed and earn large profits, but others fail. These companies are just very large versions of small business.

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