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  • Too rich to jail

    Who donates to those politicians who have done NOTHING? Big banks, among others, contribute big to elections and the like. They are not too big to jail, but no one seems to have the guts or leadership to gather their crowd to hold these banks accountable in any sort of tangible form. These settlements and fines are doing nothing especially when a lot of it is tax deductible. Can we as civilians deduct fines for traffic tickets? No. The system encourages big profits right this second, the industry makes a ton and risk paying a small percentage in settlements. To them, its the cost of doing business, and CEOs will always have plausible deniability.

  • Destroying Consumers Should Land CEOs in Jail

    When innocent American consumers bore the brunt of the Great Recession of 2007-2008, CEOs of home lending companies didn't land in jail even though they should have. Bankers knew the creditworthiness of many mortgage holders wasn't good enough. When payments went up and no one could afford them, it was either pay for food and a car or the mortgage. Banks should never be too big to land a CEO or other loan sharks in jail for shady practices.

  • Banks have over abused their possitions

    Money is a system that was invented for value exchange. Banks have grown and taken a strategic place between people and these bills representing value. Over time the growth of banks power due to their access of information and means, has overreached the limits. They have become too powerful, overarching the nation states and holding a centralized control in their hands. It is time to really question and assess the true value of banks.

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