• Bananas Should Be Banned

    Bananas are 25% made of sugar, So people who eat bananas tend to be more hedonistic. Banana releases serotonin, A hormone that makes people lazier and less productive. According to researches, People who eat two or more bananas per day are more likely to be killed by a crocodile. There's a man who ate seven bananas every week and lived for 120 years, But this is an exception that proves the rule. For people who believe in God, Eating a banana can be unhealthy because that proves the fact of human being evolved from monkey.

  • Bananas are a lie

    Have you ever seen a banana. No? I wonder why that is. PROBABLY BECAUE THEY WERE BANNED BY THE GOVENRMNET IN 1992! If you have see n one since the, It was probbaley fake! Because the governenmet WANTS you to not FIGHT against this ban.


  • I have eaten bana

    I eat it elot it was delicious and you should try too i ated them after 1992 and i have eatben many banens abd can confirm they are real my lockal grocy store sels lot of banan and i have bought it alot it was good and yummy yes yues

  • Bananas are not illegal

    Although some countries and states of Australia may ban the unlicensed planting of bananas, It is not illegal to buy or consume them in at least a majority of the world. Speaking from personal experience, I saw a wide range of bananas at my local supermarket last time I checked, And unless Woolworths is running some sort of black market operation to spread bananas to the Australian people, I do not believe that bananas are illegal.

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