Are Barbie dolls affecting the mental image we create for our appearance?

  • Barbies cause insecurity.

    When I was a kid my parents did not let me play with Barbies because they wanted me to love how I looked instead of trying to look like a skinny, toned girl with beautiful long legs and luscious, flowing hair. Obviously no one looks like Barbie, not even super models, before Photoshop and makeup. This causes girls to get plastic surgery because they do not accept the way they look. When girls get plastic surgery to look like Barbie, it makes other girls who don't look like Barbie feel even worse. Instead of playing with Barbies, kids should play with other dolls that are not as perfect, like American Girl Dolls. Girls are all prettiest when they are themselves, not some fake, sassy party girl who always wears 10 pounds of makeup and starves herself. Overall, I believe that many girls' lives would be much easier without the flawless Barbie doll.

  • Yes they are, girls want to be like their role model.

    Yes they are, because girls want to be like their role model. If their role model is Barbie then that means that they want to be like Barbie, and if they want to be like Barbie then it means that they want to have the same body as her. Unfortunately that is impossible and they will only end up starving themselves to death if they do it.

  • Barbie is a poor role model.

    Barbie's not a good role model for young girls. First, her measurements are impossible. No matter how much dieting and crossfit training you do, you're never going to have those dimensions. All that leads to is eating disorders. And now let's consider that it's all about obtaining accessories for Barbie, including the Dream House -- teaching girls materialism is a really bad thing, too.

  • What should We Look Like

    Barbie has been controlling our society for far too long. She has the "PERFECT" Body. She is considered healthy so now young girls are having self image problems. Barbie isn't real..... She will never be real unless people are sick... Barbie is why eating disorders exist. Now society think Barbie is beautiful and something else just isn't acceptable. I have thrown out all of the barbies at my house and i simply tell the kids i babysit that barbie isn't a good role model and she needed to go back to California.

  • Distorted Body Image

    Admit ladies and gents, you want to be perfect. Even as a child that's one thing that you've wanted. The long flowing hair, skinny body, huge thigh gap, flawless blue eyes, and who else has that, Barbie! I do think it's nice she has many different careers, it's good for young kids! What's not good is some of the thinks that were sold with Barbie. In the 1960's, Slumber Party Barbie was released into the public. It contained several accessories, such as: a bathroom scale that was set to 110 pounds, and a book marked "how to lose weight". In that book, it simply said "Don't Eat". Is that a good message to send to impressionable young kids?

  • Yes they are

    I remember the first Barbie I got and I thought she was pretty and I wanted to be just like her. Unfortunately that didn't happen. In school I was picked on by the rich, popular, good looking kids and nobody ever helped me, or defended me when I needed it. It wasn't until I got rid of my Barbies that I realized that I was pretty just the way I was. So instead of Barbie my parents and my grandparents are my heroes and people who I aspire to be like and impress.

  • Barbie is unrealistic and can cause children to be unsatisfied with their bodies and themselves.

    I think Barbie is a bad influence because we are so impressionable that we think that other people will appreciate us more and like us more if we look beautiful. If we don't feel confident because people don't like us the way we are and the beauty standards are impossible, then our society is very messed up. Children should be exposed to positive body images, not an ideal and inaccurate doll!

  • Barbie is not healthy

    No matter how skinny Barbie is, she is not healthy. It is not actually physically possible to become as skinny as Barbie without having eating disorders or starving yourself to death. Barbie is a terrible role model because it is not healthy for loads of young girls to look up to death and plastic surgery.

  • Yes, it does

    You people think it doesn't effect because you guys are older these are new times and every one in our generation think that's what beautiful is and if you don't look good like that or if your not even close ......People pick on us........Girls my age do everything to get at least close to that.....That's considered beautiful, that's what girl talk about if you go shopping often the biggest size they have ia size 10 in the mall besides kholes

  • Barbie Dolls are affecting the mental image we create for ourselves

    As young girls we play with these dolls and we are told Barbie's are "perfect". The Barbie's have the dream house and the perfect boyfriend and all these clothes and friends, so we grow up wanting to be like Barbie. We strive to look like her even if it is putting a little padding in our bras or sucking our tummy in, only because we think if we do these things we'll have that perfect Barbie life. The Barbie makes us think we ourselves should look like these dolls, and that's why us as a society think "skinny is good", when really, if Barbie was a life size person her proportions would be impossible and she wouldn't even be able to walk the poor thing! Yes, it does change how we think we should look, but we would never be able to reach those standards of living.

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  • It's just a toy

    When was a younger doll I had all the Barbie sets available. From Christmas themed to 'rock chick' , all the hair stylist sets and make up dolls and not once did I ever think 'I need to look like her' because for one: she is a tiny doll in comparison to myself so I would know her body was impossible to match. Also, I knew she had an unrealistic body because she wasn't real and I was. She is a cartoon on tv which reinforces the idea of her not being realistic as other cartoons involved talking cats and made up creatures. Finally, I inky ever wanted to play with the toy , I was to distracted with the stories I made up rather then her appearance. All of my friends and family I have spoke to have felt the same way as me whenever they play with the doll.
    I believe the real reason a females mental image of how they should look is due to photoshop in advertisements and that makes people believe an average looking body with cellulite, fatty zones and stretch marks shouldn't be looked at if a person has to have their body altered by a computer to be able to be seen on TV. Furthermore these women on TV are real so it makes more sense for a girl to compare themselves against that it would be to compare your body to a toy doll.

  • She is only a plastic doll for little girls...

    No, because she is a plastic toy that only children will play with. Yes, all girls dream of having a body like hers, but it doesn't effect us because of her, as no one is truly happy with their bodies. Get real and find a decent topic to talk about.

  • No, Double standards compared to other dolls on the market

    I found that some mums who are against Barbie tend to support other fashion dolls like Monster high dolls who represent the opposite of what Barbie is. What amazes me is how skinny and ill proportioned those dolls are in comparison. But hey lets blame Barbie for all woman's self image issues.
    I think by blaming a toy for young girls' problems are an easy target when mothers are the main role model for how a girl perceives herself.
    Other dolls in the market for me are a sadder picture of what we want our girls to aspire to look like and model...
    I would rather my child dress up a Barbie doll than an ill looking vampire, wear wolf monster doll.

  • Barbies are made of plastic!!

    When I was little I would colour all over my barbies and cut their hair to make them look like me. They were never my role models. I think its crazy Barbie started anorexic people. After I "made my barbies ugly" I would then want to play with them. The one Barbie I left plain would be the mean, ugly doll that would where the worst clothes I had

  • Barbie is only a doll

    Barbie is a doll, have you ever thought about how actually it could be society's twisted view on Barbie that gives us the impression that Barbie is bad for young children to play with. I mean i don't know about you but i would prefer not to play with a doll which teaches me to eat so much that i become classed as being morbidly obese. I have also never been asked why i don't look like Barbie because quite evidently barbie is plastic, she is not real.

  • Barbie isnt real

    Barbie is literally just plastic. She is not a woman. She is not to blame for the root of gender stereotyping, she is not even a contributing factor to it. She is merely a toy for kids to play with and society has wrongly overvalued her plastic existence in my view.

  • Barbie can help your body image

    I had a friend who was anorexic and desperate to have a perfectly flat stomach. I eventually pointed out to her that even her barbie doll's stomach sticks out a little. She felt a lot better. If an iconic vision of beauty like Barbie could have it then it was ok. She is still very thin but is now back within her ideal bmi range. This could not happen with the other dolls on the market that look like children. No teenager wants to look like a child. Barbie saved my friends life.

  • If barbie is going to be toned down on the attractiveness then so should ken.

    If barbie is affecting how girls want to look then good, because barbie is beautiful but proportionate. If they made plus size barbies it would make girls think its ok to be unhealthy and overweight. It would only contribute to childhood obesity. Also, if they change barbie, then change ken too because it give the girls the same idea that only the hottest, most buff, sexy men are fit for boyfriends/husbands so this is another situation of a double standard in out society.

  • Barbie is really only a reflection of the girl holding her.

    I loved Barbie, but I never wanted to look like her. Ever. She is a tool for imagination and creative play that awakens the storyteller in a young girl. She lives in her own world, and does not need to accurately represent the people in ours. Barbie is about encouraging little girls to be anything they want to be - not telling them how they should look.

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