• Shock collars are evil!

    You can call them whatever you want but they are collars you put on your dog That jabs into there skin and ELECTRICUTES your pet for normal behavior! It makes me want to cry that people say dogs are mans best friend while shocking there dog. It should be illegal and people who encourage it should were it!

  • Yes, they are

    Bark collars are cruel because when you press a button, the dog gets electrocuted which could hurt the dog in the future. First of all, the collar hurts the dogs' vocal cords, which after a while could get severely damaged! Second of all, these collars hurt the animal that is supposed to be lovable and kind. Bark collars are mean!

  • Is this a stupid question?

    I believe that yes bark collars are extremely cruel. The are cruel because these collars harm whatever animal that is wearing it. It cannot be helped if the animal wishes to express itself by simply being vocal. These are items of cruel discipline that should be removed from stores everywhere and should not be put around the necks of any animal

    Posted by: Ver
  • No they do help us because

    They are not cruel because they can help train a dog to do the right thing you may think that its cruel but its not because after you shock a dogs repetitive the dog listens and comes to your command and stops doing what it was doing.These collars are not cruel.

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