• It really depends on the situation.

    If a women can get out of the situation with just hitting their abuser over the head with a frying pan, then that is what they should do. If more extreme measures have to be taken because it is their life or their abusers, then that would be a justified killing. If a women waits until their abuser is asleep and then kills them, then that is not a justified killing.

  • Yes, if stand your ground laws were applied correctly, this is exactly what it would work for.

    Every person should have a right to defend themselves. Women should be able to escape abuse. There are times and it should be rare that women may have to carry out a lethal act in order to protect themselves from harm. If that is necessary, the law should protect them rather than to punish them.

  • I Think So

    I believe battered women are justified in killing their abusers. Believe it or not there are men out there who are extremely mean to the women in their lives. This can include emotional abuse and physical abuse. I believe when this becomes the norm it is normal for the woman to seek out alternatives, however it is not uncommon for them to be provoked into such acts before escaping.

  • No,death is not the answer

    Their are many other ways of escaping that life:You can go to a shelter that can look after you,you can report it to a police station, or remove yourself from that situation.By killing your abuser you are not getting justice you are being worse than your abuser youvare being a murderer

  • No, death is not the answer

    Killing is very seldom justified. A battery does not justify a murder. Even though battery is a terrible thing and all abuse is horrible, it does not mean that murder and death are the solution to the problem. A better solution would be taking a look at how men are taught to think about women and themselves.

  • Battered women should leave

    Battered women should get out of their relationships if they are getting physically beat. They should not kill them unless their life is in immediate danger. The women need to have the courage to just walk out on their guy and seek help from the many scenes that are out there

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