• Good quality and sound

    Gold beats wireless from amazon (299) were a great buy. The color faded some but then came back. They fold up easy an have a long battery life. Some cheap walmart headphones that I got broke the first day. With four children who tend to break things the one thing they can't break is their beats.

  • Worth buying beats

    Es they are a good price, not for the sound quality but for the name I love music and beats are so far better than most headphones I've tried but I have not heard all so I can't say their the all time best. I personally like ear buds. Beats are really just sold at that high price because of the name, they are famous because the famous Dr. Dre made them so yea people will tend to like them especially if they were made by a super star.

  • Yes they are a good price, not for the sound quality but for the name

    I love music and beats are so far better than most headphones I've tried but I have not heard all so I can't say their the all time best. I personally like ear buds. Beats are really just sold at that high price because of the name, they are famous because the famous Dr. Dre made them so yea people will tend to like them especially if they were made by a super star.

  • Sound quality is second to none.

    I've had Bose earphones, which are pretty darn good, and yurbuds, and now I just bought some Power Beats 2 earphones...They are the best. Great sound, blocks out everything else and don't fall out/are comfortable. I don't know how the headphones are but I'd imagine that they're even better. I can honestly say that Beats earphones are second to none, worth the price.

  • They are worth it.

    Owning Beats are cool. Let’s face it. Some purchases are just as much about image as sound quality. There are some really good lesser priced headphones out there but will you look as cool wearing them as you will with a pair of color drenched Beats Solo HD strapped to your head? I tend to think not.

    Speaking of color drenched, Beats Solo now come in a total of 8 colors. I like having options. And if you really want to mix it up, Skinzy offers 30 different Beats Solo HD Headphones skins to really give you the most unique headphones around.

    Comfort in another great reason to buy Beats Solo Headphones. A friend let me borrow theirs for the weekend and I wore them nearly 24 hours a day and they were awesomely comfortable. Like having options, comfort is a good thing.

    They fold up nice and small. I like the fact that these Beats are compact enough to slip into a small case when I am traveling light. In fact, that brings up another great thing about these headphones – they are lightweight.

    When you talk about buying headphones you must consider sound and I really like to listen to Rock and R&B and so the deep bass can really be heard and appreciated on this device. Vocals sound great too.

    The built in mic is another feature that I love. It enables you to switch seamlessly between your music and calls without missing a beat. Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun!

    Style at an affordable price is probably the best reason to buy Beats Solo HD versus some of the more expensive Beats like the Studio Beats or Wireless version. Paying $199 versus $299 and up is a big difference and so if you are not an audio fanatic the Beats Solo HD will offer sound, style and comfort at a price that won’t break the bank.

  • Great quality headphones

    I have a pair of beats wireless. They are the best thing I have ever bought. They are noise cancelling, great sound quality and they connect two blue two so quickly and they never play up. Anyone who says anything bad about beats is obviously jealous that they can't afford any!

  • Are to expensive

    Omg i have perfectly good headphones and they sound better than beats. Why bother getting something so expensive if its just headphones no sense in buying them. The headphones dont even have high qua.Lity sound. Just because its a brand they are not worth buying at all. Like seriously not worth it.

  • Just too much money

    It's sad when I go to school and see some spoiled guy with some beats thinking that he is so cool when it was his poor mom and dad who most likely paid 150$-300$ to get him those headphones I mean they are good headphones I have used them before but there are just as nice headphones that are way less

  • There are much better headphones for the price.

    Let me say first, beats are NOT used by any artists unless beats is shelling out some heafty coin. The sound quality is extremely bassy, but this isn't quality bass it has about 1 frequency almost like someone just slid the bass dial all the way up on a mixer board. The bass drownds out everything else in the music to the point where you can't make out male vocals and guitar. If you like bass then pick up a pair of audio technica ATH m50's for a powerful but well defined bass that doesn't overpower the mids. Want less base then get Sennheiser HD 598se and you can use software to up the base if you want. These are both well repected, high quality autophile grade headphone that an artist might actually use.

  • Seriously, you bought a name instead of buying a better product

    Beats suck. They cost less than 20 dollars to make, but are priced at 200 dollars at the stores. If you buy beats,, you probably know nothing about sound frequency. If you buy beats, you also know nothing about what else is our there, you just think what you see on commercials, or whatever is sponsored by apple has to be good. The build quality of beats are crap, they are not that great compared to products that are similarly as good. But I guess I can't decide for people, it's your choice to buy a pair of headphones with a lowercase b on it so people will think you are rich

  • 200 dollar headphones that cost less than 20 dollars to make?

    Of course they are a ripoff. If you bought these, advertising worked, good job Dr Dre! You probably also buy this if you did because you are a loyal apple customer who knows nothing except "apple is the best, and apple sells these so that means these are the best." but all I'm saying here is buy your expensive headphones after doing research rather than just what everyone thinks is good.

  • They are too expensive.

    I have a pair of Beats in-ear headphones and they're not that great especially compared to my Bose in-ear headphones. I have tried on the Beats Studio over-the-ear headphones at Best Buy and they seem to be the only ones that are good but I don't like them enough to pay what they're asking for them. Even the Beats Pill is garbage. I thought the Logitech UE Boom blew the Beats Pill out of the water.

  • I Have Beats and they are not good value.

    My brother bought beats earphones for me and at first I thought it was really cool because those were the trending earphones. But ever since those earphones other brands started to make the same kind but with better value.Beats come with an two AUX wires (one extra) i guess thats why its expensive. The loudness and quality is good and the earphones are really comfortable, but Ive seen and heard better !

  • Oo Far too endorsed

    Since Dr. Drae or however you spell it endorsed the headphones, their price has skyrocketed. They are nice headphones, but due to the overly obsessed endorsement, they have become far to pricy for at least me to agree with. Good headphones, overly exaggerated, and just far too pricy in my opinion.

  • Way to much money for average headphones.

    The headphones are actually average. They have good sound but so do other headphones for $80-150 rather than $300. Beats are easy to break and fade after a couple months. The only reason there so expensive is because Luke brandnane shoes Jeans, shoes, or cars they are brand name headphones.

  • Its too expensive

    I get Dr. Dre want to make money( even though he's already rich) but I'm not spending $300 on a pair of headphones when i can get a pair of identical ones called SOL REPUBLIC for $100(which is still expensive, but it has the same sound quality). Not to mention that I'm going from high school to college next year, so its not like i have all the money in the world.

  • Over priced and over rated

    First off, Beats are expensive. Costing ATLEAST $219 for the cheapest headphones, they deliver so-so sound quality, near non-existant base, and come with an over the top price tag. For $200, I could get 2 Sennheisers or Sonys or Audio Technicas that have the same sound quality and actually have bass you can hear. Everytime I go to a mall, I try to find a good set of headphones and Beats are by far the most expensive in relation to sound quality. The reason they are liked so much is because they are endorsed by many celebrities, mainly Dr. Dre who is a rapper. What would a rapper know about bass or even music technology in general. I bet you everything that he doesn't even design them, both exterior and interior. Please rethink before buying Beats.

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