• It's teaching girls the wrong thing

    Beauty pageants have allowed young girl to think that they have to be beautiful. They teach kids that beauty is on the outside and not the inside. When you teach kids that beauty is only on the outside it can cause major problems, not only health problems but social and physical and mental problems also. If a beautiful girl enters a pageant and doesn't win she will start to consider herself ugly or fat or too skinny. Beauty pageants create a lot of problems that affect not only the girl but the people she surrounds herself with.

  • Of Course it is Harmful.

    Beauty contests are harmful. It teaches children the worth of a person is almost solely based on appearance. They increase dieting, eating disorders, and lowers their self esteem causing them to feel simply inaccurate and ugly. These contests objectify women.

    They have so much pressure put on them and they will either grow up feeling that they are ugly and will never be good enough or believing that they are some sort of royalty and acting like snobs. Just watch "Toddlers and Tiaras" on TLC when the girls are getting ready and you'll see that it hurts to put on fake lashes and fake hair etc. Plus they could end up anorexic and getting plastic surgery and going on unnecessary diets, which by the way is unhealthy. They either break you down or make you into a mean, snobby, horrible person.

    Beauty pageants are degrading and harmful to women and children. They turn women into objects to be used and played with. They make the women that don't make it through feel bad about their looks and make even those the do get through feel like they still have to do something to look prettier. Beauty pageants also set false standards about how beautiful women are supposed to look. So just because a woman is thin and "health?" With certain looks makes them beautiful? Women that are thick or big can't be pretty or beautiful? Some say that beauty is only skin deep, well it isn't, a person can have a beautiful soul. A beautiful man or woman can be either kind or horrible. Someone who isn't attractive can have a beautiful soul or an ugly one. In beauty pageants beauty is only skin deep, and it puts others down.

  • Incredibly degrading to me!

    Women demand respect from men. Not only do they demand it, but they deserve it. If this is true, why do they prance around in a string bikini showing off their bodies? Of course men are going to go “ga-ga” over these women. It’s very disrespectful, but hey, men are men. We can’t change men’s nature, but you know what we can change? We can change the fact that women are competing to be “the most beautiful in the world”. We don’t cut off beauty contests because it brings NBC money. I guarantee more women than not believe that beauty contests are disgusting and give men the wrong idea of what the “trophy wife” looks like.

  • Beauty pageants themselves show how women are continually being objectified through the media.

    Their overall attractiveness is surveyed before a panel of judges, and the women conduct themselves in a way to please the audience...While it is natural to enjoy looking at beautiful things, the overall message that beauty pageants gives to people is a negative one. But it is a part of our culture where women's sexual attractiveness is gauged by other people, and I don't see it changing anytime soon.. Most people seem to enjoy these contests today; I once did too, as a little girl.. But now that I see the underlying issues, it upsets me that such a sexist, degrading thing still exists on a national scale. Take this poll for example.. I'm sure a lot of the people who came upon it were looking for the harmful effects of beauty contests as I was (b/c people who simply enjoy them wouldn't think twice about looking it up), yet still almost half of the people think that beauty contests aren't harmful to women. I hope that someday more people will understand the negative implications of beauty contests, and the over importance placed on a woman's beauty.

  • They are harmful

    Re harmful to women because they give us false hope of looking like that. Beauty contests are also very demeaning towards women and how we should act, what we should like, and how we should look like. Beauty contests make so many women all around the world feel bad about themselves, we need to change that.

  • Disgrace to woman everywhere

    Judges watching young girls skipping around in stripper outfits and caked on make up. Soon they grow up into older woman walking around in bikinis trying to impress the male judge. Why can't we teach girls that brain is better than beauty, cause beauty isn't going to get them through college, their brain is.

  • Loss of self respect

    The status of a women is so up that it has to be objectified. The true beauty lies in the heart, I agree that being awarded the Miss World, is not only based on physical appearance but also about social life etc... But how do you get a ticket to become a partiicipant, It is only by fulfilling the requirement about the height the weight, etc.. Beauty is given by god.. And human are no one to judge that

  • It is telling girls that they are not pretty

    It says that they forced to wear what the company or business wants them to wear, they don't get to chose what they want to wear. It is not fair to girls and women that they have to go through this and if there was a way to do things then it would be different.

  • It hurts their feelings because they are being judge on thier looks.

    If they dont win they think they are ugly or they think differently on how they look. They do it just for thier moms and thier moms dont think about thier opinion. The whole reason beauty [pageants are made is to judge women or girls on thier looks or talents.

  • Beauty contests are bad

    They teach young girls that they have to look perfect. This can lead to social, physical, mental, and health problems. This can be discouraging to women to be themselves, and encouraging to not eat, where more makeup, and change themselves to be 'perfect'. Which isn't even true, and that is why beauty contest are harmful

  • No, they are not.

    Beauty contests are not harmful to women because unlike children, they have a choice. They actually are helpful because they raise self-esteem and confidence. And besides, why is being beautiful and taking care of yourself something to be ashamed of? Is it just because ugly and/or overweight people are jealous? Why not use the beauty queens as examples to set goals for yourself? If you think that you're overweight and/or ugly, you should try to find some way to become more self-confident. Maybe try beauty contests.

  • NO

    I do not believe that beauty contests are harmful to women, as long as they encourage them to push harder and achieve more.Many people think that beauty contests only judge physical appearances, but that is only part of it. These contests also require the girls to demonstrate their talents and prove that they know something about the world around them. Many beauty pageant contestants have gone on to bigger and better things, such as Cloris Leachman, Mary Ann Mobley, and Vanessa Williams

  • Say yes to adult pageants, and no to toddler ones.

    I think that toddler pageants are harmful, because if those little girls never win it is just telling them before they are even a teenager that they aren't good enough. But adult pageants are okay. If an adult woman enters herself in a beauty contest because she feels that she's pretty enough, she can handle the rejection if she loses. Children are not as emotionally equipped to deal with it.

  • Beauty Pageants Good

    They offer support for children and women to discover who they are and explore who they can become without inputting full commitment. They can be a whole different person for a day to be able to truly discover who they really are. Also the fact that they are just fun, they allow women to dress up and feel as if they are in the spotlight and get attention. And face it, we all desire that attention. It also allows women to achieve scholarships and discover self-confidence and create bigger futures.

  • Despite the tv shows

    Beauty pageants are only harmful to children when their parents (mostly moms) turn into pageant moms! To small children it is practice for the big leagues. For Girls(or boys) in highschool it is a great way to practice interviewing, learn poise and class, gain self confidence, and recieve scholarships for higher education.

  • There is nothing wrong with judging a person primarily on their physical prowess,

    Take Olympics for instance. Nobody is also against the idea of judging one by his/her intelligence, hence the creation of examinations and tests. Similarly, why can we not give a prize to a beautiful woman based on her beauty, without implying that beauty is everything?

  • Its not all appearance

    If you're talking about the Miss. USA pageant system then, I guess you'd be right. On the other hand the Miss. America system offers amazing scholarships, and its not based off how you look, rather if you're comfortable in your own skin, your interviewing skills, knowledge and ability to communicate. They've helped me develop opinions on things and become more graceful, if you will. I can see how the Miss. USA girls may be damaged, but they're competing for modeling contracts, where as Miss. America girls compete for scholarship money.

  • Many beautiful women are recognized and these women have rights to be because they do not harm society.

    Beautiful women should have a place where they share common characteristics and can express themselves in this place. The Constitution even claimed that each individual has the right to express themselves and women's beauty contests are a place where beautiful women express themselves. Not only does it help these women earn cash through the contest, a woman or young lady can receive a scholarship to be able to enter a better school. However, this is not the only reason that beauty contests are not harmful, because the audience expects to see different kinds of beautiful women out there. The audience’s morality towards life will increase, preventing any suicides of loneliness. More jobs are created through these contests, such as: setup workers, trainers, models, judges, makeup workers, and, of course, the beautiful young ladies. The audience will spend their cash for entertainment, which increase the economy in the end. How can beauty contests be harmful, when they are helping the economy? There are flaws in the beauty contests, but they encourage everyone that each individual has a special future. Beauty contests should not only go on, but also be encouraged to be the most watched program in US.

  • No I dont think there harmless

    Beauty pageants are suppose to made to entertain, if a girl has low self esteem and low confidence its not the pageants falt, chances are the girl had those issues way before she watched a beauty pageant, i feel pageants offer girls a chance to chase there dream and any one can participate in it.

  • Beauty contests are probably one of the least harmful events for women, because there are many more harmful industries out there.

    Beauty contests, in and of themselves, are pretty harmless. What are more harmful are modern industries, including, but not limited to, magazines, advertising, presentation of women in sitcoms and movies, cosmetics, cosmetic surgery, and the fashion industry. Women are more harmed by an everyday bombardment of advertising, more than that which is inherent within a beauty contest. Besides, the women agree to, and usually invest a lot of money into, beauty contests. They aren't forced to do so.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47

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Anonymous says2013-03-18T19:12:00.650
the people who create beauty pegants there aim is to get money
Anonymous says2013-06-19T15:38:00.083
They are more harmful to society than good. Mainly because of how they are falsely portrayed. The women who win the pageants may get an ego boost and college paid for, but the rest of the "average majority" of women ( most women on earth) don't. Sorry, but I don't see how being prettier than most women should entitle you to free college. Stop trying to pretend that BEAUTY pageants are anything more than physical beauty contests! That denial is the harmful part. We women should not put them up on pedestals as if they are superwomen. Men don't watch them anymore because they can see more sex elsewhere. YEA that is right ...It was always about the sex to them!! I'm not quite sure what women are judging when the women walk away in their bikini bottoms, but the men were thinking about what they would like to do with that butt. Lolol!! Stop fooling yourselves!! Pretty face, and Tand A. TRUTH.
Anonymous says2013-09-15T17:16:29.780
People keep saying that beauty pageants are degrading to women, i think beauty pageants are not about how pretty someone is but is about how good you embrace your beauty because everyone is beautiful in a way or other, beauty pageants don't harm women instead they help them find ways to show how beautiful they are