• Yes they are

    They ruin self esteem and personalitys of young girls making them feel worth less if they do not win and if they do win it makes them feel loads better than everyone else leaving isolated because no one wants to out of choice accompany them for being vain to conclude their bad

  • Yes yes yes yes

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  • It makes young girls don't care about the academic back grounds they need.

    Young girls may think that outer appearance is the most essential thing in their life easily. They might think that they will be rich and famous when they win the beauty pageant and thinks academic backgrounds were not necessary. Also, it would make the teenagers have bad grades and are not able to be a good worker in the future.

  • Yes it is.

    Beauty contests are harmful for young girls. Not only will they age faster because of all of the makeup that they have to wear, it teaches them that they must do anything to win, even if it is wrong. It also teaches them that the only way they have worth is if they look good.

  • Beauty contests are toxic environments.

    Beauty contests for children really aren't about the children. They are about the parents. The kids are typically too young to understand what's going on. It's basically a way for Mommy to play dress up doll with a live child. And the social conditioning those young girls get, that it's okay to be judged on how you look and what you wear, too creepy for the 21st century.

  • Beauty Contests Seek Perfection

    I believe beauty contests can be harmful to young girls, in fact, they are harmful to girls in any age group that participates in them. Beauty pageants seek out perfection, in a world where perfection rarely ever exists. Beauty pageants can make a girl feel like she is on a pedestal or it can make a girl feel worthless.

  • Beauty Contests Ruin Self-Esteem

    Beauty contests ruin the self-esteem of young girls and promote unhealthy body images. How many of these kids develop eating disorders later in life because they don't feel pretty enough? Standards of beauty for these pageants are impossible to meet for everyday life. Parents should be ashamed for entering their girls in these kinds of contests at extremely young ages. It's one thing to have a "cutest kid" contest, but entirely another to be judged on makeup, hair and a talent show.

  • Omg just look at honey boo boo!

    When girls go to pageants they think that beauty is the most important thing in the world and that as long as they are pretty they can do anything and treat people like nothing (as shown in tv realities ) moms make them think that they are not pretty and make them work for them. The girls also can vet their face damaged of too much makeup,false lashes and all the stuff they make them use.

  • Yes and no

    You can go to ways with this but in my opinion I think it is. They wear too much makeup and some of the outfits can be outrageous. Now given I don't watch young beauty pageants but still I think it should be held only for adults. It sends the message that wearing a ton of makeup is ok when really natural beauty is the prettiest. Although pageants can encourage the way someone sees themselves and what they wear or how they dress I don't necessarily believe it could have a negative impact. It all depends on how the child is raised.

  • Beauty contests is not only meant by outer appearance but also with beauty of heart

    In a beauty contest not only our outer appearance is judged but it asks for a combo of 'Beauty And Brain'. Girls never thinks that if they win the beauty contests then they don't have any need to study. In fact it helps them to improve their personality and confidence level.

  • Beauty pageants build self esteem

    They'll will learn discipline. My public speaking teacher is making me do this. I hate it. This is one of the worst activities that I do. I hate public speaking. I have to do a debate and speech every week. This is very tiring. I hope you like my response!

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  • No,beauty pageants are not harmful to young girls.

    No,beauty pageants are not harmful to young girls..The problem comes when the mothers and other adults get out of hand.They may put pressure on the young girls to the extent that it is no longer any fun and just seems like a chore but they can be a positive activity for the girls involved.

  • Not to the ones who choose to participate.

    There are girls in this world who are obsessed with their own looks for selfish reasons. The idea that society "forces" or drills the idea into their heads that they have to be the most beautiful is nonsense; girls who participate in these beauty contests do so of their own free will, and as such whatever harm done to them was already done. Maybe they decided they didn't need to use smarts or personality to get through life.

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