• Originated by men

    The practice of beauty pageants were originated by men seeking wives to add to their harem. So even if some pageants are now being run by women (I think), what do they do it for? Money, prestige? By whose standards? I hope what they can instead promote is the idea that women don't need to please men at all, and to just BE the best versions of themselves.

  • Pageants cause self-esteem.

    While the thrill of winning may make one girl feel good, the others suffer from low self-esteem. What's the point? You have to be a stereotypical princess to be beautiful? Who needs a tiara? Talk about sexism! Not all girls are "girly girls"

  • Absolutely are sexist

    Beauty pageants exploit women purely for their looks and send the message that women are defined and can only be prominent (miss America does charity work and "makes a difference") if they look good. I mean they have a swimsuit competition! Women come in all sizes and why can't a plus size women be gorgeous and make a difference? They say it shows her dedication to health and fitness, but just because someone isn't plus size doesn't mean they aren't healthy or physically fit. It is 2016 and we have to stop enforcing societal pressures on women to have a certain body type or appearance. That's all this pageant does. These standards of beauty and body image so drastically affect teens today and is what causes girls of other shapes or other interests to lose confidence or be looked down upon in the real world, because they're constantly objectified by things like this. This sends the wrong message and it's time to wake up

  • Pageants have always been sexist

    Objectify women based on their looks completely. There is a swimsuit section for crying out loud. Talent and personality are part of it, but even getting into the pageant is firstly about beauty.

    Oh, and you have to be single and without children. Remember, good, pure Christian girls don't have any sex or get involved with boys at all! What outdated, sexist bullshit. I can't believe women support this garbage.

  • It's nearly like pornography

    This does not empower women, it views them as sexual objects by men and devalues natural beauty and sense of modesty. Women can easily be enslave by cosmetics and fashion making men slave of their own sexual pleasure. Most of smart beauty candidates ends up in sexual related jobs such as fashion modeling. It's wrong to compete with appearance or beauty. Many of them has a potential to have a science related jobs if they don't focus on fashion and beauty. We are beautiful since birth and there's nothing to modify to become beautiful.

  • It's a glorified dog show for women.

    The fact that no male equivalent exists shows the inherent sexism in beauty pageants. A beauty pageant is the equivalent of a dog show for humans. It's ridiculous and demeaning. In the future, people will look back on beauty pageants in disbelief and mockery. It's comparable to how we view the treatment of female hysteria with sex toys during the late 19th century. It's archaic. It's the total personification of female objectification in action. The message it portrays is that women are to be judged by their external appearances, how beautiful and sexy they appear...With a small smattering of some kind of trite and whimsical talent, like twirling a baton or playing the flute. It's degrading and infantile. I'm still in disbelief that this is still a thing in the second decade of the 21st century.

  • Beauty is all that matters

    It hasn't been 100 years since women were even allowed to vote in the US. Now more and more women are presidents, CEOS, engineers, musicians, activists...BUT WHO CARES??!! Let's make a contest featuring women who fit our narrow standard of beauty, parade them in bikinis and make a fortune out of that!

  • Barbies on Parade

    Promote an image of 'ideal' womanhood that completely suppresses individuality. Having 'personality' according to the standards of the judges is to be as bland and inoffensive as muzak. The contestants simper and smirk and are so sickeningly 'nice' you'd swear they were bred in the laboratories of Mattel. As Alice would say to the whole charade, "Stuff and nonsense!"

  • They definitely do

    They seem to demonstrate to women that this is something to strive towards. These unattainable bodies. Fake everything. It contributes to the stereotyping of women as sexual objects to be paraded around. It overemphasises the importance of youth and attractiveness. This is an emotionally unstable foundation for self worth. IMO.

  • They definitely do

    They seem to demonstrate to women that this is something to strive towards. These unattainable bodies. Fake everything. It contributes to the stereotyping of women as sexual objects to be paraded around. It overemphasises the importance of youth and attractiveness. This is an emotionally unstable foundation for self worth. IMO.

  • Sexism? No. Exploitation? No.

    Sex·ism: noun
    prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex.
    Ex·ploi·ta·tion: noun
    the action or fact of treating someone unfairly in order to benefit from their work.

    Beauty pageants are neither of these. Beauty pageants are fair. All applicants volunteer, are never coerced into entering, and are judged against the same criteria. Prejudice means to "pre-judge", which is ironic because a pageant is quintessential unbias. Contestants cannot possibly be judged until the judges view them, compare, and then make their decision at the end of each phase. And there is no discrimination against women, since women are the only ones permitted to compete. A beauty pageant is the opposite of sexism and exploitation. It is not the pageant itself that some people dislike and claim to be sexist or exploitative. Rather, women who have no inclination or ability to compete, still experience a sense of inferiority at the success of the contestants. The contestants themselves never feel exploited against. They don't feel it is sexist. It's all the women who feel inferior to beautiful contestants who call it sexist and exploitative. In essence, it's envy and it's petty. You don't see men sitting around whining about how exploitative UFC or Mr. Universe contests are. If you go down this line of thinking, then you should get rid of all sports and other forms of competition because somebody watching might have low self esteem. Someone in a wheelchair will feel bad because michael jordan can do a slam dunk and he can't. Get rid of the olympics while you're at it. No don't be retarded. The drive to compete and be the best is an essential survival instinct and those who whine about it are just the sore losers.

  • I competed in Miss World NZ and it changed me.

    Before entering I could not talk to more than 5 people at once, had two left feet and was just your typical shy kiwi girl. During the experience I met life long friends - women who truly supported each other throughout the whole experience and were willing to share all of their wisdom with the newbies. We had sessions with a well known public speaking coach, learnt to talk to a camera, properly construct speeches, and conduct ourselves in interviews. In addition to this we had nutritionists, fitness coaches and lifestyle coaches talk about how to live a healthy and fulfilling life both in regards to pageant training and normal life.

    Miss World did not have a bikini section, but we had 'beauty with a purpose'. That year our pageant sponsored a special needs school and raised a huge amount of money for them, one of the students who was in a wheel chair even competed on a completely equal level to all of us able bodied girls. I actually won the Beauty with a Purpose award, raising $10,000+ for the school myself - it was perhaps one of the most rewarding experiences.

    I learnt so much as a result of competing in Miss World NZ, made life long friends and grew as a person. One of my close friends went on to win the competition, gain her medical degree, set up a learning platform for school kids AND place in the top 15 of Miss World internationally all in the same year - she is the type of woman I aspire to be and the type of woman you see in pageants.

  • No, respectable pageants certainly do not

    There is nothing wrong with being beautiful or thinking you are. I have been in a pageant and despite not making it to nationals, it's taught me so much. Pageants teach girls self confidence and that's something that so many girls/women struggle with. Respectable pageants such as Miss Universe, promote poise and femininity and that's something that is lacking in modern day society if you ask me

  • They are terrible!!!!!!

    Why should girls walk around in fake everything to be the best? All women around the world are beautiful the way they are. They shouldn't be judged on looks because there's a lot in their head. Also in horrible, sexist, appealing, awful pageants it will always be STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE!!!!!!!

  • No they are definitely not

    Pageants are very popular in my culture, and although I have not personally participated in one, I know for a fact that Beauty Pageants involve much more than just the physical attributes, but also the mind and talent of young women. Women take pride in where they come from by representing their home town, home country, province, whatever. Women who participate in pageants are more accustomed to public relations, speaking, and associations with others. It is with their mind over matter that they inspire others to be the best of their ability. It is with the bathing suit portions and evening gown portions that may lead people to believe that pageants are a form of expoitation, but besides the looks, pageantry is much more intricate and should be respected. Btw they have mangeants too so arguments of sexism are invalid. Boom

  • Let's be Optimistic

    No, I do not think pageants are do not exploit or create sexist behaviors. For me, as a pageant queen they have helped to enhance my public speaking and interview skills as well as self-esteem. When I do decide to have children whether it be a boy or girl, I will have them do one pageant and if they decide to continue on within the pageant circuit or to pursue another activity I will fully support them!

  • They're not at all!

    My daughter has been in pageants all her life for as long as we can remember. She has won time after time. This is a way she can earn self-confidence. She has always had an eye for winning but when she loses she comes up to me and says, " Mommy, I did have fun today and I hope you're proud of me!" and I always am. I have never in my life put my child into a pageant where she was exploited or sexist. She's only 14. Why would I ever make it so my child looked as if she stepped out of a playboy magazine?

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