• To some it builds self esteem

    Yes, I must say that for some youths, beauty pageants are beneficial to youths. Some youths suffer from low self esteem and entering and sometimes winning make some youth learn to love themselves more. In some cases beauty pageants are sometime an exploitation of the children, but they are not all bad.

  • Beauty pageants are beneficial to youth.

    Beauty pageants can be seen as being beneficial to youth.They receive a lot of criticism but they do have their positive qualities as well.They teach poise and confidence.They can also provide college scholarships to participants that might not have been available otherwise.As long as parents avoid being extreme they can turn out to be a very positive experience.

  • Beauty Pageants Beneficial

    In many ways, beauty pageants are beneficial for younger children and teens. These pageants show younger individuals how to strive for a goal or win. Such pageants allow children to interact with their peers and gain social skills, too. With that in mind, pageants are more beneficial than they are detrimental.

  • Yes and no.

    I think beauty pageants have good things going for it but also bad things as well. I would imagine if you did not win it would make you feel un pretty and not like you are worth much, but the process can be fun and some girls just like being able to dress up and show off.

  • Should we be worried?

    When our children are on stage,and sometimes it is on tv,do you ever worry about the men who are watching at home? As a matter of fact, what about the men who are in the audience? Beauty pageants sexualize helpless little girls. And who are we to say that those perverts aren't in the audience?

  • Free Money for beauty

    If you aren;t pretty you don't win. If you do win you get money for college just for being pretty. This doesn't teach girls anything that they need to know in life. Wouldn't you rather just earn your money then get it for no effort for being 1 in 1,000,000? Wouldn't you want to be proud of your effort working not just how lucky you are because you look perfect? It doesn't teach girls to work hard and they then think they can just get everything the easy way because they have a few charms.

  • Beauty pageants are not beneficial to youth.

    A glitz pageant, if entered at least six times in a year can cost an upwards of $10,000, which the parents say they never really pay off. It is time consuming-they person needs to practice their smiles, walks and routines. It also encourages youth to develop problematic levels of competitiveness and to focus too much on their appearance. They are focused on winning and if they don't, their self esteem is lowered greatly which can lead to eating disorders and depression.

  • Beauty pageants are not beneficial to youth.

    Beauty pageants are not good for the youth because they teach people to be superficial and shallow. Also, beauty pageants objectify women and teach men that they are sexual playthings. Women should not be subjected to this kind of treatment and men should not support sexism by watchng these pageants.

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