• They have an option

    They have an option no body obligates them to go to beauty pageants. They go themselves and if they go nobody makes them wear make up theres natural pageants where they dont have to wear make up or heels nobody obligates the girls to wear heels or dresses they have an option and an opinion and if they dont like them thats their opinion because many people choose to vote against it but they dont have to go girls go because they want to learn from their experiences and from every loss they learn more and how to do better

  • Beauty pageants are good for girls.

    I think beauty pageants are good for girls because they girls get rid of stage fright. They are also good because the girls can win money and prizes if they do good. Even if they don't win they the high title they still have a chance to win lower titles.

  • Beauty pageants are awesome!!

    I have been in a pageant and i love it! People only know what glitz are! They dont stop to think " oh! Wht if there is apageant that you can have NO makup in?" THERE IS!! They are called natural pageants! I love pageants and feel sorry for the girls who do not have the oppourtunnity to go into 1

  • Beauty Pageants Are Good For Females!

    -Beauty pageants provide opportunities for girls who are interested and are likely to succeed in this area
    -Girls must have self-control and discipline to follow the strict life they follow (dieting, exercising, etc.)
    -Despite some misconceptions, beauty pageants ARE NOT ALL ABOUT BEAUTY! Participants are given a chance to show off their talent. And often, participants are given challenging questions to answer, which they must use their brains to answer.
    -In conclusion, beauty pageants are good for females. Though there is a lot of foundation, mascara, and money involved, beauty pageants really give people a chance to show who they are.

  • They can bring many opportunities.

    Many pageants now reward winners with scholarships, and it can make a path for other careers such as dancing, modeling, singing, and other fine arts. Many pageant winners have also used their pageantry skills to go into the field of politics. Also, it can make competitors new friends and a different perspective on competition.

  • Not every girls likes sports.

    I have had other mothers tell me that my daughter would be happier in soccer or softball. Nope - she likes to sing, dance and act. Pageants are her competitive venue.

    Pageants teach the same values as sports - goal setting, dedication, sportmanship, etc. They also encourage a very "me" oriented generation to champion a cause in their community, to volunteer and to fund raise. I have seen girls who were very wrapped up in themselves become very wrapped up in the needs of others because a PAGEANT encouraged them to look beyond themself. I don't see sports teams doing volunteer work, or fundraising for the community. The only fundraisier they do if for themselves

  • I think beauty pageants are good.

    They are good because they show who you really are, not just because you're pretty. This is why to win the 'big crown' you need to enter talent. Judges base your score more on the talent you have, rather than what you look like. Don't judge girls based on T.V shows like.. Toddlers and Tiaras. (Don't lie, I know that's what you're thinking of.)
    They also help your self esteem. It gets rid of stage fright, and helps you become more... At peace with yourself. And if you think they are sexist.. You're wrong. Because boys enter them, too.

  • They are if it helps themselves.

    Well, most of you judge beauty pageants by shows such as toddlers & tiaras, when we have to remember that those are brats just running around looking pretty :P Don't lie, you know you did it. X3 Beauty pageants can make someone more confident about themselves, and helps them to learn who they are, and might help them figure out what they want as a career. No hate, don't sass ;)

  • They are great to give girls confidence.

    It helps to give girls confidence and get rid of stage fright. And of you won it could help with financial problems. If the girl has low self esteem it could fix those problems. And in most pageants each girls gets a small prize like sometimes they get candy, flowers, or a small trophy.

  • Yes, Pageants Have Changed, and Might Suit Some Girls

    Beauty pageants are not what they were. Now they emphasize
    achievement, and promote themselves as scholarship programs. For a
    self-confidant girl with good looks and a quick wit, a beauty pageant might
    make an interesting challenge. However, for a more introverted person, who does
    not like to show off, and who likes to think a while before she speaks, a
    modern pageant might still be a trial.

  • These Pageants are Awful!

    The reason I am against these pageants are the fact that girls are pushed to the limit. Their faces are caked in make up, they are forced to wear awful, godly clothing and their parents are so over the top! The only time a girl should be in a pageant is if she wants too.

  • Never in a million years.

    NO beauty pageants are sexist! They make girls wear stiff, sparkly dresses and parents spend thousands just for their child to get judged for beauty and it lowers their self esteem if some random person doesn't give them first or second. It may help with stage fright and trying something new but it is a major waste of money because the prize is worth less than what you paid. It also makes girls and boys cocky and over-confident if they win most beautiful/handsome by chance. Not to mention it is teaching them to try and be perfect which can lead to depression, starvation and other conditions. But the overall problem is the parents. They work their kids too hard, want so much from them, and may make their child feel under appreciated because their parents want so much more than they can even offer.

  • There being judged!

    Should girls be judged on what they look like or how they walk or what they dress like. Now I'm not saying it is 100% wrong because they do make girls competitve which is good in some ways however what happened to not judging a book by it's cover or real beauty comes from inside!

  • Beauty Pageants Are NOT Good for Girls!

    Beauty pageants abuse a girls' talents just to win a measly prize! We're subjecting them to something that is fake! Beauty pageants aren't real! They're planned by people to create competition between people who only care about winning. Everyone takes beauty pageants too seriously! And I think that the TV shows, like Toddlers and Tiaras, are basically just influencing little girls to become Barbie dolls.

  • More cons than pros

    I think that beauty pageants are not a positive thing for girls to take part in. There is too much emphasis placed on physical beauty, as opposed to the other characteristics that lead girls to grow up into responsible, "good", positive members of society and people in general.

    At a young age, girls are encouraged by these pageants to put on a lot of make-up, focus a lot on their clothing choices and their hairstyles. It's very superficial and focused outwardly. And it enforces the idea that girls should be valued for their looks, and being the "prettiest" in comparison to other girls is in fact, the way to achieve or prove self-worth.

    Pageants are too focused on the exterior and pose a risk at leaving a lot of girls with lower self-esteem in the later stages, especially since the competitions are focused on being prettier in comparison to the other contestant (which is something girls and women already struggle enough with, growing up in a society that tells women they need to be beautiful to be loved, wanted or worth-while).

  • Not at all.

    Doesn't everyone carry on about how one should not judge another? Well that's all the pageants do! You either win or you lose, and not everyone can win. It kills children's self esteem and it can cause further damage for their mental stability in the future. How can you even judge a little child like that when they haven't even gotten a chance to form themselves as a person! Another factor in this is that it depends what kind of beauty pageant it is; if it's Miss America then that is more acceptable but when it comes to little kids it should be completely abolished.

  • I don't think so

    I think that these pageants can be harmful to girls, especially very young ones. I know some of these girls may go on to become professional models or whatever, but a lot of them won't. These pageants plant the idea in their minds that beauty and the way other people view them are the only things that count. I think this can easily lead to self-esteem issues very early on in their lives.

  • Nooooo They are not!

    They are not good because they just aren't because they are abuse to girls! And turning little girls into Barbie dolls! This is unacceptable! All im saying is tha they are very much abuse to girls and younger this is. Beauty pageants do not deserve to exist anymore! Idk if u guys think im wrong I have human rights and I have a right to speak for myself!

  • It is growing up children to believe that physical appearance is what makes you attractive.

    The contests define beauty to be what is seen on the outside, such as how pretty their eyes are, who has the thickest hair, who dresses the best and who is the most beautiful on the OUTSIDE. In a society filled with judgement based on looks, beauty pageants for children keep encouraging this message. Children should not feel the need to wear heavy makeup and dress up to feel beautiful and worthy. Kids are put on diets starting at the age of 5-6 which is bad for their health and starts to change their perspective on the meaning of beauty, (they think it is all about the makeup, the hair, their shape, and their size). It is growing up young children to believe that physical appearance is what makes you attractive, which can be heartbreaking for the children who do not win/place in the contest leading them to believe that they are ugly and unworthy at such a young age.

  • Never In My Life

    Girls shouldn't be forced to their parents decision. Opponents are also adamant in expressing their thoughts about the physical and emotional toll these young girls are subjected to in beauty competitions, adding that some of these young girls are often pushed by their own mothers to join. There are reports that girls, as young as eight years, are taught to wear make-up, skimpy swimwear and even undergo Botox treatments to achieve certain looks. Critics are concerned about the emotional and physical trauma these little girls go through at an early age. They lash out on the scrutiny young girls go through in the eyes of judges and the audience, which they say can have a negative effect on these girls, like being victims of bullying and even sexual abuse.

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