• They are harmful!

    Beauty pageants are harmful because if someone who is not beautiful sees a beauty pageant they might feel very bad. Maybe they will spend a lot of money on plastic surgery. It teaches girls that what is on the outside is more important than what is on the inside. They also teach young people to dress and act older than they are at earlier and earlier ages. Because of these reasons I think that beauty pageants are harmful.

    Posted by: Suji
  • Yes, beauty pageants are harmful.

    Beauty pageants are just one of the many things that can be harmful to women and make them feel inadequate. They put an emphasis on appearances rather than on a person's heart and what's on the inside. This type of emphasis gives girls and teens a bad message. This is one reason I prefer Miss America to Miss USA, because Miss America also has the contestants perform a talent. But, even with that, it still seems like it's about beauty more than brains and personality.

  • Beauty pageants can be harmful.

    Beauty pageants can be fun for adults, but they can also be harmful, more so for children and teenagers. The focus of physical beauty and competition over matters of physical beauty can have negative impacts on adults and even more on children. It puts pressure on people to control things they sometimes have no control over.

  • Check your facts

    Beauty pageants for children are mostly portrayed in a bad light because that`s what sells. They won`t show how it helps young girls because then they won`t get views. I`ve done some looking and found nothing wrong with beauty pageants for children. Before you assume they`re bad do a little research.

  • No, beauty pageants are not harmful

    Beauty pageants are not harmful to contestants. The importance that people place on the pageants can make them detrimental to contestants who may not be strong enough mentally or psychologically to cope with any form of rejection. Beauty pageants can give participants a chance to display their talents and develop more poise and confidence in situations where they are in the spotlight. When handled properly, this can improve a person's confidence and give them experience that will be invaluable in other life areas.

  • Beauty Pageants have a positive impact

    Different girls and women have been participated in beauty pageants for many years. They have a platform that allows them to be known and successful by people who view them. There has been some negativity towards beauty pageants, but that is really based on the individual more than public perception.

  • Makes them competitive

    I think that beauty pageants are positive events, that allow a girl to feel pretty and get dressed up, to show herself off to people. Also she gets into a good competition, and will help to build a competitive nature that will help her later on in life as well.

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