• Pageants provide a highly scripted environment in which a beautiful woman has a slightly better chance to appear smart.

    Without a scripted environment, women are prone to spouting out some idiotic statement driven by their uncontrolled brain reacting to a complex bath of hormones. The beauty pageant environment allows them to focus pent up sexual tension in a way that makes them appear of sound mind, though totally insane.

  • Terrible for self esteem and for everyone.

    Have you seen the Beauty pageants lately?
    They're full of obsessed mothers who want their child to be the best, they try to make them look perfect and force them through this. The child crys when they're told they're not the most beautiful and pedophiles love to attend these events.

    I say just let your child have a nice childhood don't force them to be a model.

  • I don't need to give a reason.

    Watch 20 minutes of Toddlers and Tiaras. Just watch that and psychologically analyze the children. It isn't good. I will now waste 28 words. I will now waste 22 words. I will now waste 16 words. I will now waste 10 words. I will now waste 4 words. I will

  • Total Nonsense and Meaningless

    Women are made to feel bad about themselves because they don't look as good as a chosen few.

    Men and women should be judged by there outside appearances, but their inner beauty. A woman's intellect and empathy are much more important than looks.

    Beauty fades and cannot be maintained. Women been hundreds of Billions trying to stop the aging process. Plastic surgeons are making billions keeping the wealthy from aging. A total waste of money.

    The beauty of a woman is not in a facial mole,but true beauty in a Woman is reflected in her soul. It is the caring that she lovingly gives, the passion that she knows.”
    ― Audrey Hepburn

  • Beauty Pageants are not useful...

    No, because it makes people feel like they aren't good enough. The world doesn't need to judge and see who is the prettiest woman of all. Being a model for a pageants is also not good the way that they are treated- having to be perfect and be someone that they aren't.

  • Beauty pageants stop at looking at the skin.

    Character, stamina, self-sacrifice makes people beautiful. We confuse beauty with pretty- and handsome. These are two altogether different things. The world does not need pretty and handsome people - it needs beautiful people: Jesus Christ - leaving heavenly bliss behind to set us free from earthly misery: He is beautiful!

  • Teaches girls wrong

    . Is it right to teach young girls to dress like strippers? Is it right to force girls to dress in tight, revealing clothes just so that they can impress? Is it right for the parents and or stylists to choose clothes which present their young daughters as strippers and hoes? The products also have a bad effect on the development of these innocent girls. For one spraying hairspray on the girls hair damages it, two making girls wear fake tan make them more likely to develop illnesses of the skin, three the fake teeth girls wear to hide the missing baby teeth. Why should we let this continue?

  • Is this even debatable?

    Beauty Pageants. AKA Making every girl in America feel that they need to change the way they look to feel accepted by men. Its awful. What we are doing to young women should not even be legal. And let's face it- the "talent" and the false causes? COME ON PEOPLE! We ALL know how the winners are really judged-THE FREAKIN' SWIMSUIT AND HOW WELL THEY "ROCK" it.

  • Beauty pageants do more harm than anything.

    Beauty pageants lower self-esteem, making people feel as though they are not good enough. I do not think anyone should be going to a contest to see if they fit their image of beauty. It's a terrible influence, and every time is see l see children training for beauty pageants, I cringe. People so should not be judge by what they are on the out side. How "beautiful" a person is does not determine someone's worth.

  • The Question is Self-Explantory

    Beauty pageants lower self esteem for girls who lose and watch pageants. The idea of pageants makes me shudder. I just don't like the idea of parents practically putting their child on display like a doll. That's basically how the children are treated; like dolls. The parents are the only ones getting anything out of this. If their child wins, BOOM, they get money. The parent's reaction of not winning, pointing and being a downer, is not a great example for the other little girls.

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