Are behavior issues a result of playing violent video games?

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  • Humans have always been violent and always will be

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  • I've done a lot of research papers in college discussing this issue.

    Playing violent video games can lead to aggressive behavior, there is no doubt in that. It's the same with sports, today video games are much more in depth and competitive. They do not influence peoples violent behavior. That is just a scare tactic, it's trying to force the blame on something else.

  • You can not blame media for your actions!

    Throughout this day and age people have wanted to ban violent video games, movies, and television shows. It is not the media's fault that we as humans enjoy violence. First of all to obtain a violent video game, or watch a violent based movie, you must atleast be older than 12 ,from what I know, and be mature. The user of the violent video games should know the difference from the game and the real world. People with mental issues/disorders should probably not be able to obtain these games. You are responsible to your own actions, no matter what you are exposed to. The judge and jury are not going to dismiss you from your actions of robbing a market, just because that's what your dad used to do or you saw someone else do it or you saw it on a tv show. Therefore violent video games should not be held as responsible for users actions.

  • I have yet to kill someone

    Do violent movies? Its just as likely that violent people may play violent video games. And most video games focus on the story not the violence. With the exception of call of duty and battlefield, but those stimulate social and teamwork skills more than anything, and crimes are generally antisocial, they wouldnt fit the demo

  • Games are delicious. Yum Yum Yum.

    To be honest I think that games can alter behavior in both positive and negative ways. Some of which we can't really just put the blame on video games alone. Kids want to play video games instead of going to school? I mean, wow. How is this any surprise that our youth would sooner prefer to play something with an actual sense of gratification, entertainment, and achievement over listening to a teacher ramble on for a half-hour and give them some arbitrary assignment on what will most likely be a skill they'll never actually use in the real world?

    As for more troublesome behaviors? Well, I think there's rational arguments to be had on whether games honestly contribute to youth acting in ways that aren't particularly endearing but the people who represent that side are either ignorant, or simply naive. It doesn't seem to be enough to actually try and be adult and think things with a critical and thoughtful mind and ask whether video games contribute to behavioral problems. Instead I get to read nonsense that video games cause school shootings, video games cause people to commit murder, video games are damaging our youth. You know, it's just sensationalist nonsense and it only marginalizes the good and bad that video games bring. Not just that, but it also actually marginalizes any valid criticism towards games as well.

  • No, video games do not cause behavior issues.

    Most kids and people who play violent video games are able to differentiate between the morality of the video game and what is appropriate in real life. Those who have behavior issues triggered by violent video games likely have some underlying issues, such as mental problems, abuse or neglect. In most healthy people, video games are not the root cause of beavior issues.

  • No, video games desensitize children but don't cause behavior problems.

    Violent video games desensitize children to violence, but they don't encourage the children to have bad behavior. Not being shocked by something is very different than wanting to go out and do that something. If anything, the games provide an outlet for anger issues that might manifest in other, more serious ways if they weren't channeled through a game.

  • Research suggests otherwise

    What research has actually been done on the subject actually indicates that playing violent video games are actually a stress outlet for many children and even adults. While those that eventually have a mental breakdown might have a history of violent video game playing, the real catch is the number of hours they play. When done in moderation and with friends in person or online, violent video games are quite a stress release.

  • Violent video games are not likely to be the sole cause of behavior issues.

    Playing too many violent video games can contribute to behavior problems. Although, video games alone are not likely to be the sole source. Other factors likely contribute to behavior issues. The lack of sufficient parenting supervision, undiagnosed mental disorders and poor diet are just a few underlying causes of behavior audiences.

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