Are beliefs in government mind control founded in scientific fact?

  • Television, internet and Radio are all ways to control people

    Propaganda on TV is a scientific example of mind control. The government uses the web more so than TV to control society. While most TV propaganda is commercials the actual stuff is widely available through websites. Government mind control takes place mostly on the internet. While general advertising takes place mostly on TV or the radio. Let's face it America is a tyrant group that desires world domination. Don't be a patriot if you live in the US like me. It is pointless to honor a fake country like the United States.

  • They are always trying something.

    Yes, the beliefs in government mind control is founded in scientific fact, because the government does many things overtly and covertly to control us. The TSA is a good example of this. They want us to think we have to obey the government. In war time, they have tried other methods to control the people and their opinions.

  • Yes, look at television reporters.

    Yes, beliefs in government mind control are founded in scientific fact, and the reporters that report jibberish are an example of it. The government appeared to be testing a new way to control minds, because several reporters all at once began to speak complete nonsense on the air. This all happened in a short period of time. The only explanation is government mind control.

  • The technology simply doesn't exist yet.

    We are not yet advanced enough to create such technology. The government gets it's technology from scientists, and scientists simply haven't created anything that could control minds. It could be possible in the future, but the understanding of the human brain is still incomplete, after all it is the most complicated organ of all, and the technology to interface between the brain and a computer isn't currently advanced enough to do anything with.

  • Far from it

    Wherever there's somebody talking about governmental mind control, science is on the exact opposite point on the planet. When you're proposing things that even most of the lunatic fringe think are stupid, it's probably time to re-assess where you're coming from. This stuff goes boastfully against what reality should be telling you.

  • No there are no facts for it

    There are no facts scientific or otherwise to support the idea of government mind control. The government does do a lot of things that many people don't see as right but mind control is not one of them. Scientifically at this point that type of mind control is just not possible.

  • They are not.

    Beliefs in government mind control are not founded in scientific fact. There is no scientific evidence that the government has mind control, or anyone else for that matter.This is a stupid thing to think in my honest opinion. How could anyone be convinced that the government has found mind control.

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