Are Bible preachers telling the truth (yes) or is their message mixed with lies (no)?

Asked by: archwarrior
  • Its all true.

    It is because in the bible it said that the lord would come back. We are in the end times as we all know it . NASA is afraid to admit that there is an actual meteor heading towards earth. The reason for this is because everyone will freak out . Only the rich and powerful can save themseleves. My dad works in NASA and this is what he told me and my mom.


    Mastery of bible alone preaching is not always telling the TRUTH, sometimes they mixed with horrible lies that comes from their heart, and to those people who are enlighten with "sola scriptura" bible alone preachers, are being brainwashed. Most people are not even knowing this but they feel it instead.

  • There is not even any "mixed" about it.

    The bible is a collection of mythological texts written by a group of ignorant Bronze Age nomads. It is rife with scientific and historical errors, contradictions, and questionable ethics. There is no "truth" to be found there, whether its preachers are teaching sola scriptura or not. Though the ones that preach "bible alone" are certainly exposing the nonsensical nature of their texts clearly for all to see. The rise of such fundmentalism coincided with a sharp rise in non-religious population of Americans for a reason.

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Bullish says2013-05-19T17:29:23.303
Topical Christian question -- senseless and pointless.
4thefunofit says2013-05-19T20:49:44.417
Please clarify your question and how to answer it.
justin.graves says2013-05-19T21:04:31.520
What? Eh? Que? I don't understand your poorly spelled question. At all. In English, Spanish, OR Canadian.
Bullish says2013-05-19T22:38:53.937
It's spelled in 'Murcan.
Jzyehoshua says2013-05-20T09:56:47.570
This question makes no sense because it asks multiple questions, and the grammar is awful. It should be deleted.
Anonymous says2013-05-21T10:39:12.480
There's no way of reasoning with Christians about the worth of the Bible, so there's no point in writing anything. They insist on all kinds of things which are just difficult to believe, from a conventional point of view....The existence of a man saying he was God, apparent miracles, rising from the dead, and of course, whether any of that would have any real significance/meaning even if it had happened. It's all crazy, its not even lies. Lies make sense and have a purpose.