• Yes...What do you think

    Im not so sure if big cats purr and roar. But i know dogs do. Honestly i really do wonder what goes through peoples heads today. Just going to use this radically long to fill in this unnecessary 50 word limit. Just a bit more to go. Wake up. Do not be stupid.

  • I think so

    I'm not an expert on big cat vocalization, but they definitely roar. Different species of large cats also make other types of vocal noises, like chuffing and yowling and snarling and "happy" sounds like purring. Apparently cheetahs are the only species of big cats that can purr but can't roar.

  • Big cats are able to both purr and roar.

    Big cats, such as lions, have the ability to both purr and roar depending on the situation they are put in. When showing affection, big cats purr and make a calmer and more subtle sound. However, when threatened or defending their territory, lions can roar and make a loud and intimidating growl.

  • No, Big cats aren't able to purr and roar.

    Cats that roar cannot purr. On top of that it is thought possible that some of these large felines are most likely not able to purr. Despite the fact that smaller felines may be able to purr, for the most part large felines seem to not be able of purring in the slightest degree.

  • No, most big cats are unable to purr, but are able to roar.

    No, unlike small cats, most big cats are unable to purr, but are able to roar. According to a quick search on my favorite search engine, with the exception of the cheetah, big cats are unable to purr because their larynx bones are flexible. All big cats roar though and make a variety of other noises.

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