Are big food businesses abusing the power of the graphic designer to manipulate the consumer to buy goods that are unhealthy?

Asked by: ashleyseifert
  • Profit over Protection

    Big businesses are using graphic designers to make logos and advertisements that are overly appealing to the senses with the purpose of making the largest profit possible. They are focused on making the most sales for the most unhealthy of food choices as opposed to encouraging a healthy nation. Food industries need to put more of an emphasis on healthier options even if it means losing some of their sales.

  • Not abuse... But being advantageous

    I don't believe that these large corporations are abusing the use of graphic design, merely using it in an advantageous manner. In many ways, they are using it effectively. Yes, businesses are focused on making the most sales - businesses obviously want a profit. However, even if the design of a product is amazing it’s up to the consumer to purchase the product. Some onus must be on the consumer. Potentially businesses should be providing healthier snacks, but they sell the unhealthy ones because they do sell. I agree that businesses should be held accountable for certain things, but for doing well at marketing is not one of them. It’s not the marketing that is the issue, it’s the unhealthy product itself. If they can market something healthier in the way that they can certain unhealthy foods, then they should. One example of a large corporation starting to sell healthier products is Coca-cola. Coca-cola life is made with stevia and sugars, unlike Diet Coke which is made with aspartame. An interesting characteristic is its green label or can that distinguishes it from the red or the silver diet ones. It’s not the healthiest thing to drink, but if you want a Coca-cola, it’s a healthier option, that I personally like better than traditional Coca-cola. Fine, it’s not the greatest thing Coke can do or will do, but it is definitely a start in the right direction.

  • Humans like sugar and salt - a snazzy package is a bonus.

    People don't buy unhealthy food because it has a pretty package - they buy unhealthy food because it taste delicious. After all healthy food and diet food also comes in nice packaging - but it tastes disgusting and that's why people avoid it.

    Well that and unhealthy food tends to be cheaper then stupidly expensive nasty "health" food. I mean Kashi is healthy, but I'm not eating anything that taste like cardboard and self-hatred. So I'm definitely not paying actual cash money for it - not when I can buy cheaper Sweet Valley Almond butter bars which happen to be delicious.

  • There's only room for abuse if the consumers have a weakness.

    A graphic designer shouldn't be holding power over anyone, and nothing they produce should keep a smart and responsible consumer from not reading the ingredients. Perhaps kids could be justifiably manipulated by something visually appealing, but that's what parents are for. For adults, the fact that sellers exaggerate and dress up their products should be a given, and those falling for anything but the facts are responsible for their own naivety.

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