• Why are healthy superfoods so expensive.

    Foods containing essential Omega-3 oils for instance are very often priced way over the odds. I have recently changed my diet to combat the effects that unhealthy eating has had on my skin condition and overall health. I have tried to adopt a gluten-free diet. Gluten is not good for you. Yet, it seems to be in everything. They sell gluten-free products such as bread in supermarkets but they are very expensive. And seeing as the average person is not rich, it seems as if they'll will have to make do with the unhealthy, cheaper alternative. I am from the UK, and it doesn't only apply to gluten. Healthy superfoods, of which there are many, should be a staple of every human being's diet. Why are they so expensive? To me, it smacks of a conspiracy. If you want to be healthy, you have to earn it.

  • What they are selling us shouldn't even be labeled FOOD!

    It's all about the bottom line! Our bodies were not made to assimilate the man-made chemicals, preservatives and GMOs that are added to most supermarket products. Doesn't it seem ironic that the more so-called "healthy" foods offered by the big guys, the more obesity and disease are destroying our society? They aren't HEALTHY at all, but full of fillers, sugar, fat and salt with no nutritious value. Even the meats offered in most grocery chains come from animals that were treated with antibiotics and hormones that get passed onto the consumer. Is it any wonder that we continue to get sicker and sicker, only to have our government "rescue" us by selling us even more products; prescription drugs that do even more damage?!?!

  • With chemicals and genetic alterations

    They care about one thing. The bottom line. That is it. If it will get them more money they do it. It's not even about too much fat or carbs. Corporations chemically and genetically alter food and not to make it more nutritious. They do it so it will grow faster or will be more addictive. They don't do it to help you.

  • They use very many unhealthy ingredients.

    Big food corporations have been making us unhealthy. For them it is all about the bottom line getting more and more rich. They have incorporated unhealthy ingredients like high fructose corn syrup into almost every single food item we eat. Foods with added sugar make us fat and unhealthy, and they are surprisingly very addicting.

  • We choose to eat unhealthy food

    We have the option to eat healthy food or unhealthy processed food. There are many companies that produce unhealthy food but there is just as many that produce healthy foods. These companies aren't forcing us to eat their products. It's our choice which company we choose to buy our foods from and we aren't unhealthy because of the companies that make unhealthy food, if we are unhealthy, it's because of our own choices. We shouldn't blame everything on these big companies because it's not fair to the many that are doing good. Saying that it's their fault for us being unhealthy is just an excuse. It's your choice don't make excuses!

  • No, what we eat makes us unhealthy.

    No, what we eat makes us unhealthy. In our society people have a myriad of choices in what they will eat and those who make food should not be 'blamed' unless they are manipulative or deceiving people on purpose, in which that causes people harm. It is our responsibility to make smart food choices.

  • No, they are not, we choose to eat unhealthy food.

    The fact of the matter is, we as a nation and as a people are making ourselves fat. We cannot blame food companies for putting out products that make us fat, because the fact of the matter is, we are the ones choosing to eat unhealthy proportions of this food.

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