• Eco friendly and a healthy economy

    With bike lanes, people will be more inclined to ride a bike, which reduces pollution and green house gases. It also decreases the risk of global warming and cuts down our carbon footprint. Bike lanes also encourage physical activity, makes citizens healthier, and reduces medical costs. Bike lanes are awesome!

  • They serve a purpose

    People riding bikes need somewhere to be, too. Without bike lanes its up to them to make it up, which often leads to annoying drivers by being in the way, and in rare cases leads to accidents which can often be fatal for the person on the bike. Bike lanes protect riders and save time for everybody on the road.

  • Oh heck NO

    I love nothing more than to run over people with my hummer. Crunching bones and broken bikes. Oh what a feeling. Its even better when they die. It is even better when people see it happen and laugh along with me. My favorite part is when the ambulances come, I get to tell them what happened but in my version and get off with no charges. YOLO

    Allah Akbar

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katrilenyah says2013-05-22T13:26:45.270
I believe bike lanes are a good idea but the problem is all the bike lanes that i have seen around the town i live in is that they are smack in the middle of traffic, whats the point of them then?