• Yes, bike trails are suitable to Canada.

    Canada is a very scenic country, much of which is unspoiled. It is the perfect setting for people to enjoy nature and take in the beauty of the country. In addition to hiking and camping, bike trails are a great way for nature lovers to take advantage of the lovely scenery of Canada.

  • Bike Trails Perfect for Canada

    Without a doubt, various parts of Canada are perfect for biking trails. Biking trails can be created using all sorts of terrains and environments. Therefore, trails could be created just about anywhere, but only certain bikers would be able to tackle the more challenging terrains throughout the country for obvious reasons.

  • Wide Open Spaces Perfect for Cycling

    Whether in an urban or rural setting, bike trails are perfect ways for Canadians to see their country from Atlantic to Pacific. Of course, this only works in the warm summer months when there is no snow cover. Because Canada doesn't have a large population, bike trails are great ways to boost Canada's tourism industry.

  • Yes, bike trails are suitable in Canada.

    There are definitely times of the year where very few people would want to bike in Canada because it is so cold. During the summer however, there is a large amount of people in Canada that would love the opportunity to go on bike trails. This could even help with tourism in Canada.

  • Bike trails are not suitable to Canada.

    Bike trails are not suitable to Canada because the climate is too cold. The trails would not be usable for most of the year because of the cold weather, and icy roads would be too dangerous. Canada should not waste money constructing bike rails that will have very little use.

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